Google TV

If you are a Google fan, you may have more reasons to celebrate in the coming months, as three giants – Intel, Sony and Logitech – have proposed to team up with Google and launch Google TV and set-top boxes on an Android-based platform.
The platform intends to seamlessly integrate web content and online services like Twitter, Youtube, online games, web apps and the formidable Google search. It will also integrate a lightweight browser for light surfing activities. Google TV will run on set-top boxes built with Intel Atom processor running the Android operating system. Google
TV technology will also be implemented on Blu-ray drives and Sony TVs along with keyboard equipped remote control feature in partnership with Logitech.
With all the blueprints for the project in place, The Times has indicated that Intel and Logitech have advertised job listings for programmers with Android experience. Google plans to deliver a fully functional technology product rather than a product with cosmetic design value. The field of television is an uncharted frontier for Google. But, Google sounds optimistic about its project plans and let’s hope they deliver the integrated power of the web and television as part of this project.Image

One response to “Google TV”

  1. jorenverweij says :

    So, what is the big difference with Apple TV? Although Apple tv may not be integrated it almost offers the same. The features you just mentioned are not really new either, I guess.

    I have a few apple products at home and the integration that Apple tv offers is just great. So is it possible to connect android phones and tablets to the tv as well?

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