F-commerce: What can we do to improve Facebook’s turnover in the Netherlands?

Dear BIM bloggers,

We have all heard about the concept of F-Commerce by now, if not, you probably skipped last week’s lecture and should definitely start reading about it. The question is how can retailer profit from this new trend? Has it ever happened to you that you clicked on an advertisement on facebook and actually bought it? How well does this form of advertising work? These are all questions that are yet to be answered. In the lecture of Michael Zhang, he argued that Facebook’s business model is not good enough. They have all this information about millions of customers, but they don’t use it well enough. Facebook only generated a turnover of 860,901 euros in the Netherlands. How is this possible? Are there ways to improve their business model or ways to generate more turnover from advertisement in the form of F-commerce? Let me know how you think Facebook can start growing in the Netherlands!

Robert Loth

Source: http://www.marketingfacts.nl/berichten/facebook-nederland-draait-860.000-euro-omzet

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