Cinema in pocketsize

In the light of new technologies and continuous expansion of mobile device features, I want to share with you Panasonic’s thinnest laser projector module.

A prototype of the 100-lumen laser projector has been spotted in Japan. It is 75mm thick and projects images at 800×480-pixels. The Samsung Galaxy Beam is the only device launched with a built-in projector. However, it really struggles in daylight.

The new Panasonic technology allows projecting images without focussing. The light doesn’t travel through an LCD filter like regular projectors, and instead is just one single laser beam producing the image.

The technology is still in its early days with bulky and expensive devices.  But could it be that within 2 years from now all of our smart phones will be equipped with tiny beamers allowing us to enjoy cinematic experiences that come in pocketsize?

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