Piracy is bad, right?


Online piracy is a big issue these days. Foundations like BREIN are hunting for uploaders and try everything to take down providers of pirated content, while music and film companies want internet providers to give them information about illegal downloads. Short: Piracy is EVIL.

Torrents is one of the main platforms for content sharing. Because of the huge amount of pirated content, Torrents is seen as evil by the entertainment industry and therefore music and film companies think they can earn more money by hunting down piracy.

Piracy helps music artists to become famous, because when it is free, more people will download your music and when they like it they might buy a ticket for your concert. That should be the new way of making money in the music world. For movies there is a nice example from 2007.  Eric Wilkinson produced the movie “The Man from Earth” and didn’t have any money left to finance advertising. The movie was uploaded on Torrents, like almost every movie, before it got released on DVD. Many people downloaded this unknown movie and they loved it. These downloaders wrote overwhelming reviews about it and IMDB ratings of the movie went sky high, convincing other consumers to buy the DVD.

I think that companies in the music and film industry should accept that piracy can’t be banned, there will always be new ways for downloading illegal content. What they should focus on is finding new ways to earn money and use the valuable source of advertising that pirates actually can be. Because piracy is bad, right?


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2 responses to “Piracy is bad, right?”

  1. 342010th says :

    First of all, I agree that piracy cannot be banned completely. Media companies should indeed find better ways to make money and reduce piracy. I think NetFlix is a great example to look at. We all know that piracy is bad, but the media companies almost leave us no choice. DVDs are overpriced and outdated, cable TV is also overpriced and inconvenient, and it’s all very slow. Besides, we have to pay for all these things separately. NetFlix has done a great thing by integrating everything into one package and offering it for a reasonable price. Still, NetFlix is a little behind when it comes to offering new movies/TV series. But it is better than our digital TV, where you have to pay for the big shows/movies in addition to your monthly subscription. Using NetFlix is also much more convenient. Everything is just one click away. Furthermore, the statistics show that Bittorrent traffic drops as NetFlix traffic grows. The conclusion is that NetFlix is a good start to fight piracy.
    ”The best way to combat piracy isn’t legislatively or criminally but by giving good options.” – Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos.


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  2. 401061mb says :

    All recent research regarding the issue conclude that piracy has, indeed, the exact opposite effect: it is helping rather than hurting the entertainment industry. The LSE University actually released a new policy brief urging the UK Government to look beyond the lobbying efforts of the entertainment industry when it comes to future copyright policy. And why they shouldn’t?The gaming industry is growing steadily, while the movie industry did surprisingly well during 2012, setting new box office records, as global box office ticket sales rose 6 percent since 2011, to $34.7 billion. Music industry follows closely, with a significant increase in revenue generated from digital sales and concerts. You mentioned the example of Erik Wilkinson, who actually exploited the power of viral advertising and hence boosted the sales of his movie. There are countless equivalent examples, such as author Neil Gaiman for example, who, after releasing his book “American Gods” for free and letting new readers discover him, saw his sales spiking by 300% the following month. So, the main point is: companies should drop their old, conservative strategies regarding distribution, sale and limitations imposed on digital goods and adapt to the changes.

    1. http://torrentfreak.com/piracy-isnt-hurting-the-entertainment-industry-121003/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Torrentfreak+%28Torrentfreak%29



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