Technology of the Week (team 3): Netflix & Blendle

New applications

Netflix has been recently introduced in the Netherlands. For only 7.99 euros per month, Dutch subscribers can have online access to thousands of movies and TV-series at Netflix, using practically every device with an Internet connection.

Blendle, a new online newspaper/magazine platform, has been announced by its developers to enter the Dutch market soon. Blendle is developing a platform where customers can buy single digital articles from different newspapers and magazines. With article prices ranging from 10 to 89 euro cents, it provides a way to compose a personal set of articles of high quality journalism.

Subscription-based vs fee-for-service based

As stated Netflix uses the subscription-based business model, which means that users are charged a fixed monthly fee. Blendle, on the other hand makes use of the fee-for-service-based model. This model charges a fee for every service obtained and contains a pay-as-you-go system.

Recommendation systems

A similarity between the companies is making use of a recommendations system, which can be seen as a competitive advantage for both. Netflix is able to provide its customers with personal recommendations for movies and series through the use of advanced algorithms and collecting big data. Blendle on the other hand will construct a recommendation system with the use of social media. Blendle will suggest articles based on recommendations of your social network.

Uniqueness of Netflix and Blendle

Netflix and Blendle deal with many competitors offering similar services. However, both of the companies are quit unique for their kind. Netflix is the only company offering such a large amount of series and movies for a very low monthly fee without any advertisements. As for Blendle it is expected to be the only application offering a high volume of digital newspapers and magazines in combination with the ability to buy articles per unit.

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