Handy tools for entrepreneurs

I’m a big fan of TechCrunch for several reasons. Not only does TechCrunch provide me with the latest information on anything happening in the tech world, it also gives me lots of ideas for tools that I could use for my own startup that I am planning to launch in the near future. Over the past months, I’ve discovered some tools via TechCrunch that facilitate various aspects of setting up your company. Here are the coolest ones:

–          Shopify ( www.shopify.com ) / e-commerce solution

This company helps people turn their website into a webshop. Merchants can select a template for the layout and all they need to do next is upload photos of their products. What I like about it is the fact that anyone who wants to sell something online, can.  They offer a two-week trial period and then you pay on a monthly basis.

–          Wix (www.wix.com) / website creation

 Wix is a do-it-yourself web publishing platform which enables users to create and host websites without having to learn to design or code. It is completely free. A cool and easy way for anyone who needs a webpage to make one quickly.

–          Longstride (http://wearelongstride.com/) / webdesign

This startup makes really cool webdesigns, videos, logo redesigns, trailers etc. My personal favourite is http://www.jifiti.com/. Even if you don’t want to pay for their services, it is a good way to get inspired. Check it out!

–          Startup-giraffe (http://startupgiraffe.com/) / all-inclusive startup solution

This startup helps entrepreneurs develop an idea into a product and launch the accompanying website. The thought behind it is that many entrepreneurs don’t know where to start or get lost in the amount of work to be done. Startup-giraffe delivers a product within 7 weeks. It’s a pricy option though: 50 000 dollars and 5% equity. I’d recommend this for anyone who has money but no clue on what to do 😉

–          Zendesk (www.zendesk.com) / customer care solution

Zendesk is an on-demand customer care solution that deals with email, phone, chat and social media. Effortless Housing uses Zendesk and even though I have to admit that I wasn’t that impressed with their interface, from a startup’s perspective, Zendesk is an easy tool that deals with the entire customer care-part of a business.

–           MailChimp (www.mailchimp.com) / CRM solution

This startup provides easy templates to set up an email campaign. You can select from a number of templates and then add text, columns and pictures as you like. If you have less than 2000 subscribers, you can send up to 12,000 emails for free.

–          Xobni (www.xobni.com) / inbox solution

This company (the word Inbox spelled backwards) makes your inbox and address book smarter. The application creates profiles of all your contacts and provides additional information about job title, company details, email history and updates from social media. It was acquired by Yahoo in July 2013. Personally, I think it is a cool app, but if you use it for work, I wouldn’t want to see social media updates from my partners.

Should you know of other handy tools for startups, I’d be happy to hear about them!



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