WANTED: Acknowledgement

Social media and mobile phones changed the world. We are the first generation that finds it normal to talk to 10 different people in 10 different countries at the same time while walking to school. Being able to do this is quite amazing, but at what price?

In Marc Maron’s: The ‘social’ media generation the author shows a dark side of mobile social media (see link below). He specially points out the emotionally unhealthy attachment we have to social media. The reason for this attachment is the need of acknowledgement that people have.

Need for acknowledgement is in human nature and as children we are always looking for it from our parents, or the people close to us.  But with the introduction of social media, the whole world is close to us. This means that our need for acknowledgement grows from our inner circle to the whole world.

Looking for acknowledgement is an intensive process, and it means that we are always looking at our phones to see what those 10 different people in 10 different people have to say to, and about us.

According to the author this results in an unhealthy addiction which he depicts in his own way in his comic.


One response to “WANTED: Acknowledgement”

  1. marleenverweij says :

    I agree with Marc Maron’s in that technology can be like our drugs. To my opinion, the WhatsApp is the greatest drug of all. It makes people disinterest in real life, and provides a serious interference in daily life (in studies or at work). Personally, I can’t study half an hour uninterruptedly without checking whether somebody messaged me. And once you open your WhatsApp, you have to answer the conversations you are in; otherwise it almost feels as if you’re being impolite. It takes up a sizable chunk of our time, resulting in a considerable reduction in productivity – the biggest problem of all to my opinion.

    My only solution is to distance yourself as much as possible from it. Leave your phone in the locker when you’re studying in the UB or switch it off entirely. If only I could follow up my own advice..

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