Digital Magzine Ads – new direction for advertisement

In this decade, digital magazine emerged with the portable and digital trend results from mobile personal devices (tablet, iphone, etc.). Digital magazine user amount follows the geometric growth. According to MPA (magazine media factbook, 2012), “the number of iPad apps for U.S. magazines has increased more than ten-fold since iMonitor™ started tracking publication-related apps in April 2010”. The advertisements embedded in digital magazines started to attract companies’ attention. For prediction of digital magazine ads market, please refers to:

But how digital magazine ads utilize IT to distinct from traditional printed one and other e-advertisements? This blog will roughly excavate the 3 crucial characteristics of digital magazine ads.

1. Multimedia content

Digital magazine ads typically insert video/BGM/audio which linked from internet, provides the reader a more completed access to the ads’ content and superior experiences and excitements.



2. Interactive and reader-controllable

Differ from traditional one-way delivered style of print advertisement, digital magazine ads are carefully designed to enable the interactions between ads and readers.

Readers could tab on the content they interested in for more information, tab on the link to directly visit related website (which outside of the magazine), sign up for opt-in emails/newsletters, entering content (e.g. for questionnaires) and so forth. Ads can jump out from the page size limit to enriching content through, for instance, listing out only tiny photos for different products, user can tab to view detail information about the product if they interests. Ads providers can even be authorized to post mini game to improve customer engagement.



Besides the interactive property, controllability is another competency that digital magazine ads own, which provide a superior user experiences. As mentioned before, readers can explore the contents they are in favor of via interactions. Nonetheless, they are also allowed to skip the content they feel unattractive by avoiding tabbing, for example, play button of a video, links, or just slide vertically – at present, it is not surprised to see a digital magazine page can be slid both vertically (for more information about this page) and horizontally (to the next page).

3. High pertinency

At last, digital magazine ads inherit strength from printed magazine ads namely high pertinence. The source of high pertinency is, readers select magazine by themselves, different magazines vary from themes, this provides a direction for ads provider to choose the most effective magazine for them. Nevertheless, digital magazine ads leverage this strength by analyzing electronic statistics and feedback according to reader’s reading behaviors. Therefore, magazine publishers and ads providers can continuously improve the accuracy and quality of ads.

Here are some interesting facts about digital magazine advertisement:

  • Ÿ   Reader engagement with a digital interactive magazine (82%) is more than four times greater than with a website of similar content (18%).
  • Ÿ   Of all forms of electronic advertising, interactive magazine ads have the least negative impact on the reader experience — more than 7 in 10 find display ads in digital magazines less intrusive than banner ads; 8 in 10 see them as “easier to read,” “inviting” and “more fun.”
  • Ÿ   58% of digital magazine readers read their edition the same day it arrives.
  • Ÿ   60% of digital consumer magazine readers go to an advertiser’s website and 55% tried a new product or idea presented in their digital edition.



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