Witricity, the future of non-chargeable convenience


How often doesn’t it happen that your Smartphone’s battery is drained again in the middle of the day and you don’t have your charger with you. A few years back I came across a technology called Witricity. This a combination of Wireless and Electricity. This technology can charge electronic devices with chargeable batteries wirelessly. However, the basis of this technology originates back to the early 1900’s. During these years the famous inventor Nikola Tesla experimented with alternating currents opposed to the direct current which was much more common and safe at the time. (Wikipedia website 2013)


The exclusive rights of “Witricity” are owned by MIT (witricity website 2013) and even though the initial capital venture was received in 2005, the technology is still not commercially available at the market.
In my opinion the commercial introduction of wireless power would be a revolutionary introduction for the consumer electronics market. However, there are some issues to address which might concern human health. A large number of people probably wouldn’t feel safe if wireless power senders are placed around shopping centers or other public places.
How would you feel if you don’t have to charge your electronic devices anymore?




2 responses to “Witricity, the future of non-chargeable convenience”

  1. 333194ep says :

    The first thing that comes to mind is this: Will your energy bill be monitored just the same?
    Will witricity be spamming energy into your living room or do you need to ask for an energy boost through a certain action? Then again, never having to plug in an electric device does sound mighty convenient!

  2. ricardovangijzen says :

    The issues you mention are indeed questions that need to be taken in account. If I were to create the system as a whole I would suggest a push strategy (like spamming) to all your devices that support this way of recharging.

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