Big Data can help in converting brick and mortar store visitors into buyers

A Russian tech start-up called Synqera offers a solution that gives personalized shopping experience to visitors of physical retailers. According to Synqera’s study 67 % of the Americans prefer shopping in-store to buying online and 81% of surveyed agreed on that they prefer to shop in a store that provides customized shopping experience.


The company offers a solution that involves several devices (touchscreen, NFC-enabled, Digital cameras) to collect personal information about customers and offer them personalized discounts, products or coupons. The process starts when the customer enters the shop, where he can use the “Loyalty Generator” that contains a touchscreen and an NFC-reader. The system reads the customer’s loyalty card and provides personalized information (store map, offers, and announcements) and while he or she is shopping it offers goods and discounts through the in-store devices. When the customer arrives at the cashier the system is offering once more customized ads and then asks for feedback.


The Loyalty generator can recognize facial expressions in order to analyse customer’s mood and in-store sensors scan baskets and visitors appearance. It gives suggestions based on season, time of the day and other personal data. For example the system may offer a six pack of beer for a 23 years old student at Friday night especially if he or she looks excited, but it won’t do the same if the student is under 18.

Synqera has already made a deal with the Russian “Ulybka Radugi” and the company claims that European and American chains have already expressed their interests towards Loyalty Generator.

On the first sight, Synqera’s idea looks useful especially if we consider the time we spend in grocery stores looking for few things for dinner. However it is a question whether customers would be willing to hand over such personal data for less frustration and for better deals.

Do you think the idea will spread or the NSA scandal and EU regulations will prevent Synqera from penetrating Western markets?


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