The War on Ecosystems

Slowly but steadily they have been infiltrating all aspects of our lives, wanting to be a part of everything you do, almost like that annoying friend we all have had once. Yet I’m not talking about a friendship here, I’m aiming a little higher. Apple, Google and Microsoft high that is.

Everyone these days has a smartphone, and almost all of them are either iPhones, Android phones or Windows Phones. Laptops and computers is also a commodity we all have these days, preferably more than one. Here we meet the same competitors again; Apple, Google and Microsoft. Tablet industry; same story. And that’s not even the end of it, all of three companies are continuously expanding their reach, all for one reason: to get you into their ecosystem.


First off, we have Apple. The company that became immensely popular overnight because of the iPhone. This popularity had an influence on all of their other products they sell as well. Macbooks, iPads, Apple TV’s, for all of them sales rose incredibly. And so, the first form of an ecosystem was born. Every device you had could be an Apple, and it wasn’t long before there were people everywhere who didn’t want to touch anything not produced by Apple. These days Apple’s reputation is starting to show some cracks and dents. Competitors have caught up and the same quality products are now available, but for a lower price than Apple products. Apple has to step up their game to stay on top.

Google has always be a company which is active in a hundred different industries. It has taken them a couple of years, but they have now also moved into position to offer a full Google ecosystem. Android phones, Chromebooks and tablets manufactured by Google gives customers a viable alternative to Apple. Android has even taken over Apple as market leader, although this is also because of the sheer volume of mobile phone producers using the Android OS. The approach Google has is a bit different than Apple’s. Where the Apple ecosystem is really closed, but therefore fine-tuned to provide ultimate user satisfaction, Google has a really open system with a lot of producers and different products. Google’s motive is also a bit different, because they always have their mighty search engine in mind. For this reason they want as many people possible to have access to their products so they can track their behavior online.  They are the most active with “side-projects” though. Google Glass is a completely new way of interacting with the digital world and they have also developed self-driving cars. You never know what Google comes up with next!

Then there is Microsoft. The former giant of the digital age who couldn’t keep up with the mobile market. But while many people have already written them off they are actually stepping up their game. With the introduction of the new Windows 8, the start of their own production line of Tablets (Surface) and their takeover of Nokia’s mobile department they are all set to provide users with a complete Microsoft experience. And they have the power to make a very swift comeback. What a lot of people are forgetting is that almost the complete business world is still using Windows and almost everyone uses some form of Offices. If Microsoft gives them the option to combine their long trusted Windows machine with a tablet and phone, a lot of people will be interested.

It’s very interesting to see these three companies clash with each other, recently Google has blocked Microsoft out of their services for example, but perhaps it isn’t necessary that one of them comes out of the smoke as victor? Maybe they can all exist next to each other?

Personally, my money is on Microsoft, but what do you guys think? Who has your vote as the best ecosystem around?


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One response to “The War on Ecosystems”

  1. Brent Bodenhorst Meyer says :

    i totally agree with you that Windows is going to make a comeback. Windows 8, despite of all the negative reviews, is a good operation system made for the future which are touchscreens. People will get used to it and eventually will embrace it. Like u said the majority of the business world is still using windows and will be using it for long time for a couple of reasons. first of all company’s are conventional if it comes to changing their whole operating environment. Secondly, windows is an open source platform, where everyone can write and create apllications for. where Mac OS(the only real competitor if it comes to computers) is closed source, and every application or software is checked over and over again before it enters apple store. this takes time, and time is money.

    on the other and, if you look to the further future, eveything is turning to mobile devices. Google is already the biggest player here and is still growing. I think they will stay growing and eventually win the so called war. they are offering their servies for free and are even more open source that Windows. And human beings are just very eager on free stuff. its really easy to persuade hardware producing company’s (cell phones, laptops, tablets) to use android, just because its free, and they are free to make adjustments. How can you say no to that? they are now doing the same thing with Chrome Os to conquer and change the whole pc world.

    Apple will lose more and more market share and will stay behind as a small community of apple freaks, who just like the look and feel and are willing to pay a premium price.

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