TwoGrand: the Instagram for losers

Don´t you ever get tired of people posting pictures of their food on Instagram? Then try out the application TwoGrand. It is especially designed for losers: losers of weight. The application for iOs and Android is created on the claim that weight loss accelerates when updates and the process is shared with friends.

Peter, the brain behind TwoGrand, thought of the idea while he was talking to his friend. His friend and he had roughly the same activity pattern: they worked out together and spent time at the office together. However, Peter’s friend was 35 pounds heavier than himself. His friend told him: ‘From now on, I am only going to eat what you are having, because it will certainly be better than what I am eating.’ A light bulb appeared above Peter’s head and TwoGrand was born.


Peter realized that there are millions of people who have a health routine that works for them. Why not help them share it with the rest of us? TwoGrand helps you follow people who are at your goal weight, people who have the same goal weight, and people that are roughly at the same weight as you are. You can easily log your activities through photos or just a simple piece of text. TwoGrand is competing in an existing market of fitness applications. Apps as MyFitnessPal and MiCoach are popular as well, but TwoGrand adds a new feature to the weight loss facilitating programs.

TwoGrand is the first to actually make it possible to follow others based on several metrics, not only the one’s mentioned in the previous paragraph. After creating an account, a series of simple questions is asked about your eating habits and activity pattern. When you have completed this series, you can find people that ‘match’ your answers! So if you’re a vegetarian, exercise 3-4 times a week, are female, like swimming, and have children, you can find several weight loss buddies to follow who are in the exact same situation as you are. So if you are looking for inspiration and like pictures of healthy food, try out TwoGrand for a change!

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2 responses to “TwoGrand: the Instagram for losers”

  1. rsmstudent says :

    Truly refreshing! I didn’t know this application but I’m definitely going to test it (not that I want to loose weight, but to see how it works). The funny thing about this app is that it creates a true interaction. Not a predefined schedule which you should use to loose weight, but interaction with fellow users. The concept behind this is very good nowadays. People will no longer rely on schedules but they will always have contact. This clearly attributes to that matter. Using this app you see an expansion of the social media era. It is no longer just social media to meet friends online, but also to do the hard things like loosing weight. Web 2.0 becomes real also in this. Thanks for sharing this with us!

  2. 353624cw says :

    Thank you for introducing us to this very interesting application. We already had applications that allows us to share the number of steps we have walked during the day or how many miles we have cycled. So I find it interesting that this application adds our eating patterns to the mix of sport applications.
    To some extent I agree with your statement that it might be motivating. Especially since you have indicated that you have had experience with using the application. However, I do not believe that this application will work for everyone. Although sharing your tips and pictures of your diners might be helpful to some, it might actually be demotivating to others. I mean, seeing my best friend eating a salad while I am eating steak with French fries will actually make me feel guilty.
    Moreover, I do not agree with the slogan of TwoGrand: No more diets. Seeing others making pictures and sharing their stories about the food they are eating might give rise to a new style of dieting: TwoGrand diet. It is quite similar to calorie counting as it will determine your every bite. As the application notifies you as soon as your fellow ‘losers’ have uploaded something, and people are basically glued to their phones, you will be thinking about not only your own diet, but that of other people as well.
    Personally, I prefer fitness apps as they are more motivating. If I see someone cycling 40 kilometers, I would like to meet and exceed that. Moreover, the problem nowadays is not just that people are eating too much, they also do not exercise often enough.
    To conclude: TwoGrand is an interesting new addition to the world of sports applications. However, I think new applications will be introduced that will provide better, more-complete functionality that actually “attacks” the problem at the core from two sides.

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