HAPIfork: Improving your health and well-being

In 2013 Fabrice Boutain started the HAPIrevolution to help individuals and groups improve their health and well-being with the help of devices. He was inspired by the words of the 8th Century French Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire, who said: “I have decided to be happy because it’s good for my health.” The HAPirevolution seeks tools to stimulate HAPIness and thereby focuses on aspects on life that stimulate this state of mind, like nutrition, physical activity, sleep and relaxation. The HAPIrevolution became the base for HAPIproducts, starting with their most famous product nowadays, the HAPifork.

The HAPIfork is an electronic, bluetooth-enabled smart fork that monitors your eating habits. With the help of light and vibration the fork alerts you when you have bad eating habits or your eating habits change.

The fork measures:

  1. How long it took you to eat your meal
  2. The amount of ‘fork servings’ taken per minute
  3. Intervals between ‘fork servings’

But why would I want to monitor my eating habits? And how are my eating habits related to my level of HAPIness?

Based on the measures mentioned above the tool decides whether you are eating too fast. If so, your eating habits can lead to poor digestion and poor weight control. Feeling full is felt after about 20 minutes. So, the faster you eat, the more you end up eating. Scientists behind the HAPIrevolution believe that what you eat and how you eat take up 50% of your health. Improving your eating habits will thus happen to have great influence on your health and well-being.

Moreover, the HAPIfork comes together with an online dashboard and mobile application. With these supporting devices you can see your meal statistics in real time, work with your personal HAPIcoach to set your workout objectives and track your progress and share your HAPI moments online with your friends. For example, while eating your breakfast, you can check out how long it takes you to eat, receive advice on your daily food intake and discuss with your coach which workout fits best after you finished your breakfast.

Totally HAPI after reading this blog? Then throw away your traditional fork and start using a HAPI one.

Source: http://www.hapi.com/




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