Getting a google review

If you have a business or perhaps are planning on starting one, you probably realize that customer reviews are important for your sales and popularity. But how do you get those, preferably in the way most visible to others?

The solution is “Google reviews”. First of all, when customers will see your listing on Google’s local search results, you will appear higher on the list than if you don’t have google reviews. The more reviews the higher you appear. So, even without actually entering your website, potential customers will see the number of reviews you have received. (Temptation will be high to check you out).

Another benefit is that when anyone posts their review about you, this will automatically be shared in their circles. Not only will you become more visible via social media, but perhaps some friends of your customer live nearby or are travelling close. This means – even more potential customers!

One little problem: it is a pain to explain to your customers how to create a google+ account, to find you and to write a review. This is why an easy hand-out with instructions is offered to you so you can give it to your customers.

The text above is a summary of the following webpage:

Personally, I think that this is not a good idea. I cannot imagine creating a social media account just to be able to write a review. I guess this is another way in which Google tries to promote Google+. However I do think that in case people have a Google+ account already, this is indeed a good way to get reviews. Especially because of the fact that the number of reviews appears in the search results on Google. What do you think? Will customers be willing or reluctant to post reviews via Google+?


One response to “Getting a google review”

  1. 357312sz says :

    Hey, thanks for the sharing this information,

    I also don’t agree with the idea that to create a social media account just to be able to write a review. However, I would say this one is a general good idea. The main idea here behind giving reviews via Google+ is still having more advantages that outweighs the drawbacks. For internet retailers, they can only use this way to save extra money to pay for Google to enhance its local ranking and also the money in advertising to gain more potential customers. I speak well of the idea in Google+ to share reviews/personal opinions with close friends, this is the kind of word of mouth advertising that builds a very large customer base for companies.

    Admittedly, as you also mentioned in the summary, there are some drawbacks that it is unfair for certain company that might have few reviews on Google but quite a lot on the other sites. I don’t think it is a big problem for two reasons. The first one is that Google is the best search engine at least now in the world, the reviews of the company should first be searched or clicked through Google page. I think generally when people want to know a product or service they may want to look through the search results via a mainstream place such as reading the reviews on Google. Second, as there is already an easy hand-out with instructions, it is convenient to give it to customers and let them know it is quite easy to have a google account.

    In my opinion, as a person who already know google well and use gmail quite often, I will be willing to write or read abundant reviews here in Google+, it will be a quite convenient place like a forum in which we can know the business sales and popularity. Moreover, writing reviews on Google+ is something I realize the information of others/friends helpful and I am giving this favor back.

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