Is Apple a follower?

With last’s week grand premiere of its new products (iPhone 6,6+ and Apple Watch) Apple clearly showed that it is going to cut off Steve Jobs’ mindset of not manufacturing phones with screens larger than iPhone 5’s. Furthermore, during their 9th September presentation Apple discovered nothing new. Almost all of the new iPhone’s features already exist and function not only on Androids/Windows Phones, but also on jailbroken devices (i.e. iPhones with third-party non authorized software). Does this mean that from a trendsetter, who would push forward introducing new features like voice assistant or super-sharp displays, Apple became a follower of Samsung and Microsoft?

Shortly after the release of iPhone 6 popped up many memes commenting its new specs and features. One of the most popular pictures was comparing the new Apple’s product to Nexus 4 introduced 2 years ago. It stated that new iPhone was basically copying its main features from already existing mobile. Those were: NFC payments, 4,7 inch screen, 3rd party keyboard etc. Naturally Apple has advantages like Touch ID or Siri, nevertheless following that path we could clearly see that Apple did not invent anything.

screen shot 2014-09-11 at 11.17.46Apple always was following other companies and still they are worth around $400 billion. Their iPod even though was quite revolutionary, when it comes to menu and storage, was not the first MP3 player available, Microsoft had been already producing tablets for years before the iPad premiere. Apple Pay is nothing new, we have had Google Wallet for ages. Samsung also released their Smartwatch before Apple, however Apple does not seem to hurry.

The thing is that in all those cases Apple did include something special: their usability and software. Android phones are capable of many different things and have thousands of features, however what they often lack is the simplicity of iPhones. Comparing Touch ID with a regular touch sensor that many people have in their laptops won’t make any sense, because the latter is considered useless. What about Apple Watch? We have to admit that its digital crown is much better than normal pitching and scrolling with fingers. Similar situation might happen with Apple Pay, just like Google Wallet can be used to pay for groceries, however Apple cut deals with American Express, Visa and Mastercard while having fingerprint authorization, something we cannot find in Google Wallet.

Apple is a big serious corporation, it will not follow blindly some beliefs if market says otherwise. It has to make money and introducing bigger iPhone was a calculated step. Demand is already higher than for any other iPhone and many Android users want to exchange their “robots” for the new iPhone. Every though many people think Apple started to follow its competitors and did not show anything new at their conference, it will defend its position, not because of what it sells, but rather how it sells



2 responses to “Is Apple a follower?”

  1. thegroupofdeath2014 says :

    Hey, thanks for the interesting topic.

    I agree with the idea that Apple products are more about the usability, simplicity and marketing around its products, however I have a bit of a different view when it comes to Apple’s future. And that view is down to the fact that Steve Jobs is not around anymore.

    There are some opinions floating around that Steve Jobs left the company with about 5-10 years of innovations, however my question is: what next? Without his vision and especially his understanding of customers’ needs (or his ability to create needs for that matter) the company can struggle in the upcoming years.

    Even looking at this years’ product introduction – it was not the same it used to be. Tim Cook is not the same charismatic figure. I myself am intersted in the thoery of presentation and Steve Jobs was always a figure I looked up to. (Just watch his iPhone introduction – IMO one of the best presentation’s ever given -> only the first 5 minutes).

    So, although I agree with your opinion that Apple still is a standout manufacturer of technological items, I am increasingly unsure whether they will keep this status for much longer. The Samsung’s, Google’s and Facebook’s are growing quickly and entering new markets with their smart products and I just don’t see Apple following in that direction. Well, I guess time will tell.

    Let me know what your thoughts are on these matters (Tim Cook as CEO and whether Apple will be able to compete with its growing competitors)

  2. Michalcwiok says :

    Thanks for your comment!

    Your point is completely valid I must agree. I have rewatched again the iPhone introduction, along with iPad and iPhone 3gs presentations and have to admit that Steve Job’s style and his vision are one of a kind. He’s been explaining people about his new products in his own special way. You could clearly see that he “loved” those products and he understood the way they work. He often used words “magic”, “amazing” and you could see his excitement, when he was revealing what the next big thing is…

    Tim Cook is more of a manager, but still he’s been doing quite a good job. Maybe iPhone 6 is not the most revolutionary phone every and will probably not reinvent the phone, nevertheless the demand for iPhone 6 is biggest ever!

    Time will tell, but Apple’s strategy again shows everyone that they have something to say.

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