Medallia: much data, many sources, one dashboard in hospitality

We all spend the night in a hotel once in a while. Sometimes when you go out in the weekends or holidays, or sometimes maybe for work, visiting customers or offices all around the world.  When you do not visit a hotel very often, it is mostly a pleasant experience. Nice room with clean sheets every day. Breakfast ready every morning. The hotels make things comfortable and convenient for us. Or, in some cases, it does not work that well. You make a reservation and expect things to be properly organized but you arrive in a small, dirty room in a hotel you will never return again. Also important is the attitude of the employees. In the hotel sector, employees can make or break your feeling with a certain hotel.

By visiting such a hotel, you always gain an experience. And next to you, all other visitors of a certain hotel have their experiences. In the recent days of digitalization, the sharing of these experiences has become essential in the landscape of doing business for hotels. Word-of-mouth is a huge driver for reservations in the hotel industry. This is part of the phenomenon known as Internet 2.0.

Around hotels and around the entire hospitality branche, there are many communities build which encourages people to share their opinions, experiences and thoughts. Very important for a hotel in this case is to manage these overload of subjective data. How to do so? Customers have many options of channels to go to, for sharing their thoughts. In almost all cases, customers receive an invitation to fill in a survey after their visit and they are also invited to write a review about their stay. A hotel or hotelchain might ask the customer to do so, but they can also share their opinion via an intermediair, or via an independent reviewwebsite like Tripadvisor.

All this different channels make it very difficult for hotels to manage these essential flow of information. But there is a solution. Medallia is a company providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Customer Experience Management (CEM) and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) systems to companies in mainly the hospitality branche (Medallia, n.d.).

At the Best Western hotel chain for example, a hotel chain with over 4000 properties all around the world, Medallia is the entirely integrated tool for managing customer satisfaction online. The tool integrates all the data from all the different datasources ( / tripadvisor / Expedia / Facebook / Twitter / and many, many more) into one overview. On top of this, there are many possibilities integrated to analyze the data, conducting a customer sentiment analysis, textual analyses, problem trackers, rival trackers, and lots of other options (Medallia, n.d.).

By using this tool, a hotelier is able to find out all about what the customers say of the hotel online. Next to this he is able to benchmark his findings to other hotels. Also he will be able to respond to the customer in personal.

Concluding, in the fuzzy web of many channels and sources a hotel might get lost in managing their reputation online. Medallia might be a very helpfull to integrate all this sources into one dashboard which a manager can use to influence the online conversation about his or her property.


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