Watch out! Drones!

Most of us are familiar with the concept of drones, which is extensively used by the U.S. military. But this relatively new technology is actually multi-functional and can be used for a number of different applications. Recently, a small group of farmers started experimenting with drones. According to this article cheap drones are equipped with sensors and can be utilized in the fields to increase yields and reduce crop damage. In this post I will discuss some different applications of drones and what it may offer in the future. Although, the technology has a huge potential to make life easier there is however a security and safety issue. Not everyone is keen on the use of drones. Because anyone can buy a relatively cheap drone with a camera to spy on people and there therefore may be some resistance as a drone may violate the privacy of people in their homes. However, the American FAA which oversees the airspace in the U.S. recently approved the use of privately owned drones for commercial use. Therefore, we might expect many organizations will start inventing new products and services.

Drones and agriculture
Drones can help farmers in a numbers of ways. It gives them a way to see their crop from above and can reveal problems. Also, different types of cameras can be used to capture different types of images. This data then can be used for analysis to highlight healthy crop for example. Many other possibilities are being developed as well.

Drones and package delivery
Recently the CEO of Amazon announced that the company will be delivering packages by drone; the service will be called Amazon Prime Air. This could be a rather smart PR stunt, but given the possibilities of what drones may offer this might be a huge cost saver for the company. Besides costs savings, drones could be a way to reduce traffic jams in large cities and reduce air pollution as well. In the next video you will see an impression of this concept.

Future applications
Pizza anyone? Fast foods chains are looking into ways of using drones for their services. Medical companies and drug stores are looking at possibilities of delivering medicine to patients by air. Companies such as Fedex and UPS may consider using drones. Some museums and universities consider making drones as tour guides. Some countries such as Australia want to use drones to spot forest fires. As can be seen, drones can therefore be used in a wide variety of ways. There are even more possible ways to use drones.

Contribution to the information era?
The question is whether drones can be used in a peaceful manner and will contribute to information technologies. Drone technology has a huge potential and we might see more companies inventing clever services that might make life a bit easier then before.



One response to “Watch out! Drones!”

  1. 417706tk says :

    Thanks for this interesting blog post about drones. I also think there are many different ways to use these drones in the near future because basic technology is there and it does seem like there are plenty of people ready to use it. The idea of this blog post is to discuss some different applications what drones can do. Here is what I think that drones can do in the near future:

    I think drones can change the delivery markets. Amazon was first big company that announced that the company will be delivering packages by drones. Amazon start delivering products by small drones within 30 minutes of you purchasing them and this would be happening in the next few years. Google is also developing a system of drones to deliver goods. Many big companies are really interested in drones and I think this can be the next big thing if drone technology evolves enough. This technology can decrease delivery times significantly and also reduce delivery costs. All in all I think drones have their biggest impact on delivery markets if Amazon’s plan is successful. There are many other opportunities but I think delivery markets are the biggest opportunity.

    Other applications:
    There are also many other possibilities what drones can do. You can use them put out wildfires, guard the boarders, monitor endangered animals, find new advertising opportunities etc.

    I think it is also really important to bring out some cons. A lot of people have raised concerns over privacy and safety because drones will probably use GPS to find your house and have camera in order to safety land. We must remember that there are always doubts when new technology arrives and tries to break in to the market. Maybe after couple of years we are wiser and know is this next big thing or not.

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