Will Smart Glasses be the future?

Watch out Google Glass, the Sony SmartEyeglass is almost on the market! As Sony announced yesterday, the Sony’s SmartEyeglass hardware will be available in the beginning of 2015, but as of today the software will be available to developers. In contrast to the Google Glass, this Smart Glass from Sony looks more like normal glasses because it has got two glasses instead of one.


A few years ago, we did not even know what Smart Glasses were and now it is more and more a common understanding. As early Smart Glasses had a limited functionality, modern Smart Glasses are able to run on mobile applications and so is the Sony SmartEyeGlass. This Smart Glass has different sensors to register every action the user makes. Special about the SmartEyeGlass is that is has a separate battery that is attached to the glasses via a cord. It is only available for Android-smartphone users, it has not got a color screen but a monochrome display that shows text and images in shades of green and it has several applications to use. Smart Glasses overlap digital information into the users’ view of the real world and the potential for what can be added to these head wearable computing devices is endless.

It all sounds so ideal; glasses that can add information to your view of the world and have the same applications as a smartphone but now it is hands free. But the question is whether these Smart Glasses will perform well in our modern digital world in the long run. Will the users be provided with useful and viable solutions to everyday tasks using this Smart Glasses? Would you were these Smart Glasses? What do you think?




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