Have you ever heard of WordPress?

You have signed up for this blog page and started blogging. But what do you really know about WordPress, the blog site you use? Do you know the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org? And did you know you could make galleries of your images? In this blog I’ll give you some tips for using this blog website.

WordPress.com versus WordPress.org

With WordPress it’s easy for anyone to publish online. It’s a publishing platform and millions of websites are made with it. There are two types: the fully hosted (WordPress.com) and the self-hosted version (WordPress.org). Click here for an overview of the differences.

Different roles

There are five different roles:

  1. Follower (public sites)/Viewer (private sites)
    If you are a follower or viewer, than you can read and comment on pages and posts
  2. Contributor
    As a contributor, you are not able to publish or upload, but you can write and edit your own posts until they are published
  3. Author
    As an author you can write, edit and upload photos to your own posts, which you can publish.
  4. Editor
    As an editor you have access to all pages, posts, comments, categories, tags, and links.
  5. Administrator
    You have full power over the site.

How can you make your standard post ‘better’?

Read more

If you read this, you either clicked on the title or on the ‘read more’ tag. With the ‘read more’ option, you can divide your text into two: the first part will be visible on the front page, ended with ‘read more’ and the whole blog will be visible after the ‘read more’ tag. Reasons could differ from making people curious about what’s in the rest of the text or just shorten the text you see on the front page. If you have a quick look on the blog page, you’ll see that almost no one used this option. The result: a lot of scrolling down before you see the next post.

How to use ‘Read More’?

When you’re in the dashboard of the website and you edit your post, search for the ‘read more’ tag.

Place the tag behind the last word you want people to see on the front page.

Insert read more tag

Featured image

The big picture you see on the top of some posts is called a featured image. You can add a featured image to your post. Do this when you edit your post en scroll down. In the lower right corner you’ll find the Featured Image area. Just simply select a picture and your done. Don’t forget to publish your work!

Blog Featured image

More options

There are a lot of formatting options. If you want to see all of them, click on Toolbar Toggle. An extra line with options, like Titles, Colors and Special Characters, will be showed.Toolbar toggle

I hope these tips are useful for you. Do you have some other tips? Please share!

Source: my own experiences!


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