Chromebook: The new challenge of Google

Thanks to a rise of information and technology, electronic devices have been developed continuously. Recently, the sale of laptop is reduced because tablet and smart phone can satisfy their requirement as well as more comfortable than traditional laptops.

Simultaneously, Google, the biggest search engines provider, would like to expand their services to electronic devices. They found this opportunity and launch the brand-new electronic device called “Chromebook”. Chromebook consists of several models based on the user’s preference. The appearance of Chrombook is similar to laptops from other brands. However, its cost is relatively lower than others and it installs an exclusive operation system, Chrome OS. Users do not need to install a new operation system after receiving the product. The objective of Google is to determine reasonable price owing to satisfy the majority of consumers. Moreover, Google expect to jump from intangible products to hardware.ChromeBook2

The outstanding point of Chrome OS is an online-based operation system. Thus, it is required to connect to internet all the time. The process in this operation system is concerned to the cloud service of Google. Chromebook can be utilized in various general life styles such as playing internet, doing a report, movie, and entertainment. There is an alternative regarding a user profile in Chrome OS. It can be linked with general Google account or choose a guest mode. By the way, the system suggests to select a Google account in order to gain more benefit and more accessible.


The screenshot of Chrome OS(Bray, 2012)

An interface of Chrome OS is similar to Chrome browser and it also remind to Windows 7. Installed applications are depicted in this main screen. The bottom of screen shows mandatory applications and current general status such as Wifi, battery level, audio control. More applications can be added via application store software.  Basic stuffs from Google have been included such as Google search engine, Google doc, Google map, Picasa, and others. In terms of physical issue, Rosenblatt (2012) reported that Caplock button has been eliminated in Chrombook and replaced by “Search” button instead. When user pushes this button, the system will access to a new blank screen and cursor is ready pointing at address bar for searching. Anyway, the Caplock button can be used by setting up to use the combination of Control and Alt key. Unfortunately, the delete button has been removed without any substitutions.

However, the feedback from reviewers is quite not impressed even it is produced from an interesting concept. Firstly, it needs to connect with internet all the time to process effectively. Applications provided in application store are not enough to satisfy basic requirement. Moreover, it cannot process high graphic quality due to the limitation of hardware. This is a good moving of Google to a new market segment by implementing new hardware and operation system. Nevertheless, Google have to fight with Microsoft and Apple which are strong competitors in this industry. They have numerous experience and also royalty consumers. Google should prepare the proper strategy to share the segment in this business.


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Rosenblatt, S. (2012, November 12). Chrome OS matures, but it’s not a Jedi-level operating system yet. Retrieved from CNET:


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