From e-commerce to all-commerce

‘E-commerce is dead’. Such a bold comment comes from an article that writes about one company that is re-inventing retail, and earned more cash for its eighty-thousand customers than companies such as Walmart and Zappos on 2013’s Cyber Monday [A1] (VentureBeat, 2013).

Shopify is a full-service e-commerce solution provider. The company support over 100.000 retailers, ranging from General Electric to CrossFit and Tesla Motors to GitHub. On Shopify, you can create an online store in an instant, without any developing expertise. (Wired, 2013).

Shopify receives fierce competition from all sorts of companies, ranging from point of sale companies to inventory management businesses, hot start-ups such as Square and PayPal and big names such as Magento and Google.

The underlying reason why it receives so much competition, is that the company’s vision is to have merchant’s sell anything, anywhere and anytime. So basically they compete with all sorts of e-commerce companies imaginable.

Chief Platform Harley Finkelstein explains that his software company offers the ultimate solution to retailers: a central dashboard from where you manage your online- and mobile sales, revenue streams, social commerce, inventory and financial data. No matter how you sell your stuff, or what channel you use – it all flows back to one unified online environment.

Besides this vision of integrated e-commerce software, the reason this company is becoming more and more popular is the fact they provide all advanced tools normally enhanced by large online retailers, to any retailer imaginable – a small local retailer or just you as an individual.

It will be interesting to see how Shopify develops as a high-quality, all-round service company for online stores. Does anyone of you have an online store? If so, have you considered using Shopify to run your webshop? Let us know in the comments.


[E1] Cyber Monday is a marketing term coined by marketing agencies to stimulate online sales on the first Monday after Thanksgiving.


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