Marketing Automation

It sounds a bit like an ambiguous; marketing is about customized interests and needs and on the other side, automation that is about automated processes. Nevertheless referring to a research of Customer Relationship Management Software User View of 2014 marketing automation is an upcoming trend, as well according to Copernica (an online multichannel platform) marketing automation will become the most important marketing trend in 2014.

The purpose of marketing automation is making use of software to automate time-consuming and labor-intensive marketing processes, like the import of data. As a result increasing interaction with customers. Marketing automation has three main goals. First, creating of (digital) profiles, secondly, setting up relevant campaigns and third converting and prioritizing of leads. Therewith we are able to analyse online consumer behaviour and increase sales based on unique user profiles, but also have a better interaction with new potential customers.

According to Michale Heering of Copernica: “We create an overview of the entire customer lifecycle, so we can approach customers with relevant and customized information via a appropriate channel. You can score each interaction, visit of a certain webpage, activity on social media etcetera. The more somebody integrates, the higher score and the better companies are able to personalize communication.

Marketing automation used to be an expensive investment and therefore it used to be only for huge companies. Nowadays because of cloud solutions less investments are necessary and marketing automation becomes also accessible for small companies. Furthermore because of high quality software less knowledge about marketing is necessary to set up a successful marketing strategy. Just import contacts, segment customers, test campaigns en evaluate. Also statistical skills aren’t required because reporting solutions has become much easier. Often software is even more intelligent than a human being. Nevertheless besides all the automation, it is still possible to exploit your creativity. Because lots of time-consuming activities are automated, more time will remain to spend on creative activities.


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