The New Shopping: Designer Clothing from the Library

Clothing Library

This day and age everything is about sharing. Share your interests on Pinterest, share your thoughts on Twitter, share your house via Airbnb, and share your drill on Peerby. A new addition to this list of platforms is “De Kledingbibliotheek” (The Clothing Library), a project initiated by Maud, Karin and Evita, three young students from Utrecht.

The concept is simple, as in a library clothes can be borrowed with a member card and have to be returned within a certain number of weeks. The Clothing Library does not simply offer second hand clothes, they offer unique pieces of designer clothing. Young designers from the region are transforming old pieces of clothing into new clothes. A great deal of the second hand clothing comes from social enterprises, hence by borrowing a skirt from this library there is a high chance that you are supporting  a good cause at the same time!

The project solves several problems for their target segment of young women. At The Clothing Library unique designer outfits become affordable and a special party outfit can be borrowed instead of bought to wear only once. This concept fits in the “green” society while it also fulfills the needs of shopaholics.

It sounds like a great idea to me, sadly they did not find a location for their library yet. When I heard about the idea first, I immediately imagined it as a pure online retailing initiative, however the founders are planning to create an online library only after they have established their offline store. I believe that they will reach much more customers with an online store including delivery possibilities.

What do you think?

Would you make use of The Clothing Library?



2 responses to “The New Shopping: Designer Clothing from the Library”

  1. joostmartijndekok says :

    I could definitely see this becoming a large success, as it fulfills many people’s need to wear (a lot of) different clothes on a monthly basis, without the costs of actually buying all this stuff.

    I imagine the website would truly make it a success, with profiles of people that show their wardrobe and whether clothing is available for rent or not.

    Nice concept!

  2. 331723d says :

    Thank you for your blog! In my opinion sharing clothes is an interesting concept, but not innovative enough. If you type into Google ‘kledingverhuur’ several results will appear. The idea of sharing clothes itself is nice, because it is good for the environment, since people don’t have to buy clothes to be worn only once or twice. I also think it is a good idea that starting designers from the region have the opportunity to promote themselves.

    A main difference that I saw between the clothes library and other clothes renting stores is that you have to become a member of the clotheslibrary before being able to rent something. I think there is definitely a target group for this concept, but I have never rented clothes and in the rare case that I would, I wouldn’t want to become a member, but just have the opportunity for a onetime rent. Furthermore I believe a physical store is nice, however, I am not sure if the target group in one region is big enough, while offering this service online makes the concept too expensive because of the delivery fee.

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