AIRTAME versus Apple, Google & Amazon

Screening computers and utilizing internet streaming on TV rather than traditional TV channels is becoming more popular with the introduction of devices such as Apple TV, Google Chrome Cast and Amazon fire and to subscription providers, such as Netflix.

Interestingly, a small Danish company, AIRTAME, is now in the process of establishing itself in the market for wireless screening technology. The entrepreneurial company was funded solely through crowdfunding, with initial goals of $160.000, however managing to reach $1.300.000 based on extensive social media networking efforts and being present on tech blogs. The company also won an award for the best start-up in 2014 in the CES awards during the crowdfunding campaign.

The question is how AIRTAME plans to compete against well established products such as AppleTV, Google Chrome Cast and AmazonFire. Remarkably, all of the above devices have deficiencies which AIRTAME manages to solve.   AIRTAME’s technology is relatively simple and it basically screens everything from the computer and duplicates it to the TV. Although AppleTV allows for similar features, the technology only works for Mac devices, and is therefore difficult to use in business. AmazonFire and ChromeCast focus more on screening the internet directly through platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, but the duplication of computer to TV screen is limited.

AIRTAME mirrors your computer’s screen to your TV and can turn any TV into a second display. The plan is also to be able to stream to multiple screens all at once. However, AIRTAME does not support mobile devices, such as using smartphones and tablet into remote-like devices. For the regular consumer, the existing products from Apple, Google and Amazon can hence be argued to be better, however for business AIRTAME has a huge advantage, being optimized for platform out there whether it is Microsoft, Mac, Linux or something else.



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