Building your own cheap complete laptop?

Do you know what a Raspberry Pi is? If you are a techie you must have heard something about it! Otherwise, no worries, I will tell you all about it and about the next new invention that will blow your mind.


Figure 1: Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi, seen on figure 1, is a single-board computer the size of your credit card launched in March 2012. Not only is this computer tiny, it is also very cheap: costing $25 to $35, depending on the model. The main goal of this invention was get more people to program because the world needs them! However, many developers use this device to play around and invent new possibilities.

The latest invention, for the Raspberry PI, has been one of the greater and more revolutionary of the past year. This invention will combine 3D-printing with the Raspberry Pi, resulting in the Pi-Top kit that allows anyone to build and use their own computer at a low price point. The Pi-Top kit will include 13.3-inch display with a resolution of 1366 x 768, WiFi, laptop keyboard including a trackpad and a battery said to offer six hours of run time. The Pi-Top kit can be seen in figure 2.

According to the Pi-Top team, its device primarily serves as a learning tool. The makers told Reddit, “Pi-Top is built to be used by anyone. Starting off you will learn the basics and as time goes on you will become more advanced.” “With Pi-Top, you will understand all the technology that goes into building mobile devices”, Jesse Lozano (co-founder/software developer) promised. The ultimate goal is to make hardware as accessible as software is today. The Pi-Top kit will shortly launch a Kickstarter campaign to generate funding to support the development and marketing processes.


Figure 2: Pi-Top kit

Personally, I believe that this invention will not only be used in the first world countries, but may also have a huge impact on the third world countries. Many large software companies don’t realise the potential that is in these countries, and therefore it is up to these small but disruptive inventions to change this. Depending on how the Kickstarter campaign goes and what the final prices of this kit will be, we will find out if it will live up to the true potential that I believe it has.


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