Bittorrent Sync – Your very own cloud?

The iCloud incident that caused the photos of many celebrities to be distributed across the incident has raised many new concerns about the safety of cloud storage. We store many of our private information and files on these services, and many people wonder if that is such a good idea. You have no full control over the files you have stored and no control over the access and authentication mechanisms in place that are there to safeguard your data.

BitTorrent recently released a new kind of software, BitTorrent Sync, that allows users to set up their own cloud(-like) storage and synchronization service. The software is available for many different platforms, including linux, Mac OS, android, iOS and Windows. Your own BitTorrent Sync based cloud takes away many of the limitations that are in place in other services such as Dropbox or Google Drive, such as storage limits, costs and performance. The limit is the storage space on your system(s) and the speed of your internet connection. The software uses the BitTorrent transfer protocol, transferring files using P2P connections between connected devices. This enables swift transfer of files. Files can be encrypted using AES128 for added safety.

There are also some concerns to using this software. Many people use dropbox and related services as a form of backup. If you use this software you are yourself responsible for ensuring that your data is backed up adequately. The method of file transfer also increases the data consumption of connected devices. In case of mobile data plans this may be a concern because of increased battery use and data-costs. Your devices also need to be online in order to access data remotely. This means that you need to have more devices turned on in order for your data to remain accessible, as opposed to using a third party server that is always accessible anyway.

What do you guys think? Do you think you would use Bittorrent Sync and do you think it is a viable alternative for established cloud storage services?



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