Google’s $3.2 billion investment project, a smoke detector?!



It looks nice, but a smoke detector? Smoke detectors are boring. Mostly they look ugly, are not really interesting and is probably not something you looked at when you moved in your new apartment. You know when they are there when you get out of the shower and it goes off because of the steam, or at night when the batteries are empty. Now there is the Nest, the invention that Google has purchased for $3.2 billion in February,2014. It is a smoke detector that is much more than decoration. Google says it is a safety device that is required in every apartment

The smoke detector is something that hasn’t changed last decade. It has some improvements, like detecting carbon monoxide, but most part they are still ugly round discs that are making a very loud bleeping sound when somebody is coming out of the shower or when the battery is empty. And at that moment a new problem starts, you take out the batteries which makes it a totally worthless piece of electronic. The National Fire Protection Association has stated on their official site that almost 2/3 of the deaths from home fires are connected to smoke alarms that are not functioning.

Nest is going to change this. It is an internet-connected smoke and carbon monoxide detector. It has a stylish design which looks good in every apartment. Besides that it has user-friendly features such as voice guidance. This device will be connected to your phone, so it easy to control the multiple features that are included. Nest will notify you on your phone long before its batteries get that low so you can replace them and avoid 2am bleepsound. It also has a pathlight feature that will automatically light your way in the night. It all sounds good, but it but it’s more than three times the cost of a standard smoke and carbon monoxide detector. And since most homes already have smoke detectors, the need to buy a new one is not that high.

With all this information, you think it’s worth buying a new smoke detector? Google, with its $3.2 billion investment, think you will.




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