Cloud computing: profitable in the long run or decreasing in value?

Cloud computing, a service provided by several companies nowadays in order for us, as customers, to access certain services over the Internet (Yu et. al, 2010). Not only do cloud computing providers serve the private sector, an increasing number of companies is in the process of integrating cloud computing. It is a fact that the adoption rate of cloud competing is enormous. Rightscale (2014) shows that 94% of their respondents uses the cloud, of which 58% is both public and private.

Organizations have realized that integrating the cloud in their operations can generate many benefits, such as greater scalability, faster time to market for their products, higher availability then traditional methods and improved access to infrastructure. For cloud beginners and cloud focused organisations the most important reason to use the cloud is scalability, whereas the cloud explorers mainly focus on the geographic reach (Rightscale, 2014). Furthermore, cloud computing is seen as a cost efficient method to use which can lower the company’s IT expenses. At last, cloud computing is seen as enabling us to easily access information from anywhere (Viswanathan, 2014).

Despite of all the advantages of cloud computing, media release an increasing stream of feeds linking cloud computing with privacy and security issues. The positive image of cloud computing got disturbed at the end of August by the hack of cloud storage sites releasing many nude images of celebrities (Gaudin, 2014). Other concerns relating cloud computing are compliance, governance and integration to internal systems. Despite the growing expertise in the cloud these areas are of great concerns to most organisations.

Of course, IT firms are developing, as they believe, silver bullets for the problems presented by cloud computing. Several re-encryption models are presented by for example Yu and colleagues (2010) to tackle the security problem. However, will cloud computing regain its initial secure image or will the popularity of cloud computing decrease when the number of scandals increases with time? Or in other words is it worth it to develop expensive methods to ensure the security of the Cloud?

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