Sleep as Android: HOW do YOU sleep?

Have you ever wondered why you would still feel utterly exhausted, despite having had your eight hours of beauty sleep the night before? Scientists never fail to emphasize the importance of sleep as a lack thereof can impair mental processing and, in worst case, kill you (e.g. drivers or operators of heavy machines) (American Sleep Apnea Association, 2014). However, not only is the number of hours spent in bed important, the quality of those hours of sleep is crucial. To properly function as human beings, we require uninterrupted stages of deep sleep and REM sleep. However, if our alarm clock goes off in the middle of a deep sleep phase, it will negatively impact the rest of the day and we will continue to feel fatigued (Smith, Robinson and Segal, 2014). Hence, it is important to know HOW we sleep, in order to know WHEN to wake us up. This is exactly what the app Sleep as Android can do for you.

By simply placing your phone on your bed, you can keep track of your sleeping habits and even records noises (e.g. snoring or sleep talking). Based on your sleeping pattern, it finds the optimal moment to wake you up without turning you into a wreck for the rest of the day. After every night, you can access your sleep statistics to see how you slept. Moreover, it also keeps track on your sleep deficit and notifies you when it is time to go to bed. To help you falling asleep easier, you can even play some lullabies with nature sounds. As for those of you, who have the impressive ability to simply ignore alarms and continue with your sleep uninterrupted, it also offers help. If you choose this option, oversleeping will no longer be an issue as users have to solve CATCHAs before the alarm can be dismissed (Google, 2014).


As for my own experience, so far I have been using this app since three days. On day one, I did not turn on the sleep tracking function because I could not find the button to turn it on in my sleep-deprived state and I thought pushing the sleep tracking button on the manual would activate it (did not work…). However, on day two I became wiser and finally found it as it is located at the very bottom of the screen. After day three, I checked my sleep statistics and listened to the noise recordings, which did not record much besides my coughing (I caught a cold) and the flapping noise of my blanket when I turned around during sleep.

So far, I am impressed by the sleep statistics, even though I am not sure how accurate the results are. The experiment continues and I will try to place the phone closer to me when I sleep the next time to see whether the results will change.

You can try this app with all functions 14 days for free. The full version is available for €3.29.


Do you have experience with sleep cycle tracking apps? Share your thoughts in the comment section.



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2 responses to “Sleep as Android: HOW do YOU sleep?”

  1. charlottevanroosmalen says :

    I do not have experience myself with a sleep cycle tracking app, but what I have heard about sleeping with your mobile phone next to you is that it could give you a lot of stress and bad sleeping nights. Many of us keep their mobiles on overnight, use it as an alarm clock and put it right next to our bed. Experts are concerned about the effect it could have as our sleep is more likely to be disturbed when putting your mobile phone next to you, it could trigger insomnia and other sleeping problems. Dr. Guy Meadows, insomnia specialist at The Sleep School in London, states “most people will sleep better if the bedroom is kept free of mobile phones and other electronic devices.” My question is, what about this Android application? They track your sleeping cycle, but is this the best accurate manner to keep track of your sleeping cycle? Is your sleep not getting influenced of certain radiation of your mobile phone?

    • 358047tt says :

      Thank you for your insight, Charlotte. Exposure to “electromagnetic smog” and bright lights can be a concern when placing your phone next to you during sleep. However, Sleep as Android also works while using the airplane mode, which I forgot to mention in my post and I am sorry about that. Once you switch to airplane mode, it will lower the “electronmagnetic smog”, if that’s what you are concerned about. This advice was also mentioned in the second article that you posted in your comment. As for your concern about how radiaton might influence sleep, based on the dailymail article that you mentioned, it seems to be unclear on whether the electromagnetic field indeed affects the sleep quality (last three paragraphs). Regarding the accuracy of the sleep tracking, I am not entirely sure how accurat they are because so far, I have only used this app for a few days and I have no prior experience with other sleep tracking apps. However, this app is using the existing Accelerometer hardware inside phones to measure movements and the closer you place the phone to your body the better. I hope I could answer you questions.

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