‘Make it wearable’ finalist: The Nixie drone

Have inventors gone to far by making a drone that makes selfies? Or is this the gadget that everybody needs to have in the near future?

We already heard plans from Amazon for using drones for it’s prime air delivery, and plans from Google to develop drones that can take wireless internet to remote area’s. But now the inventors of Nixie have plans to use drones for another purpose: to make ‘selfies’. Below you can see a movie from the inventors of the Nixie.

For now they only have a prototype, but as you can see in the movie they have plans to create a good looking drone camera that can be worn around your wrist. The drone has to recognize a certain movement from the user, and will fly in the air to make a ‘selfie’, after taking the shot the drone will fly back to the owner. If Nixie manages to win the ‘make it wearable’ context they will be granted $500.000 to realize the Nixie drone.

Amazon is still having issues with the approval of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), because drones cannot be used for commercial purposes yet. The Nixie however will not be having any of these issues, so in theory it could be produced and sold right away. One might wonder though if it is save to have drones flying all over the place. Imagine yourself in a high school, with teenagers all wearing the latest trend: the Nixie drone. You don’t want Nixie drones to fly against other people. One possibility is to limit the use of the Nixie drone for outdoor purposes of couse, but this would also limit the potential market. I personally think that with the possibility of making a drone like this, the inventors should also think of the social impact it might have.

Do you think that a flying selfie robot is preferable?



One response to “‘Make it wearable’ finalist: The Nixie drone”

  1. rsiskens says :

    I definitely think a ‘flying selfie robot’ is preferable. These things can become more and more intelligent every day. I don’t see this invention as a flying selfie robot, I see the invention of team Nixie as a next level GoPro. Imagine yourself surfing off the coast of Australia, followed by this drone making incredible images. Incredible right? Calling this thing a selfie camera is almost an insult. This thing has the potential to become a revolutionary tool in shooting unique images and videos all over the world.

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