The Future Hotel – CitizenM

Suppose that here is a hotel:

– you can check in by yourself without waiting in line and showing your ID to foreground lady. You pay by credit card and take the room card from card box. The check-in machine will give you receipt with your room number.
– You can sit in sofa, cook, drink, and use iMacs in lobby.
– You walk in the room and the light will turn on automatically.
– You use an ipad to control light brightness, temprature, curtain, and television. You can find thousands of movies and watch them on room’s TV.
– You have a very large bed as soft as at home.
– You can check out by yourself: just leave the card to the machine.
– You can choose late check-out, special services, 24hour foods and drinks, etc.
– It has lots of interesting designs and details for you to explore, such as ‘avoiding disturbing card’ with naked girl and a sentence ‘Someone is naked inside! Don’t come in’.

It is not a virtural picture imagined by travellers. It is real.

The hotel is called ‘Citizen M’. It is a Dutch hotel opened in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. The slogan of Citizen M is ‘Welcome to a new kind of hotel’ & ‘Even the hotel of the future has to start somewhere’.

Internet is changing people’s life in various areas. For example, for eating, we can search and make comments on Yelp. For living, we can use booking and airbnb to make reservation. For outing, we can use uber or lyft to quickly get a car. It is unbelievable before smartphone and 3G connection appeared. However, I believe that internet’s influence on people’s life cannot be just like this. As citizenM, amazing user experience is not only in online side, but also on offline side. The real competitive advantages of building O2O business are definitely in offline side. After seeing ‘future hotels’, I have lots of imagination on ‘future restaurant’: ordering by iPad in table (or even via phone before getting in), paying by scanning QR code, etc. The best user experience deserves our effort for our life-time.

2. <Which specific area has the opportunity for O2O?>


One response to “The Future Hotel – CitizenM”

  1. laurensvanwesep says :

    All the facts you sum up about the hotel make it sounds like a very expensive hotel. Many of these things are also available in 5 star rated hotels. Though the prices of Citizen M starts at €69! I think the combination of the effort, service and price make it a very nice place to stay for a night. Trip Advisor even ranked the Citizen M hotel in Rotterdam on 2. It even beats hotels like The Hilton, Hotel New York and The Manhattan Hotel.

    Who has experience with Citizen M? Is it as good as they say?

    For the whole list of ranked hotels (in Rotterdam) see

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