Triposo – Your very own Travel guide !

Are you the curious traveller who wants to amass as much information as you can about a city? Now, there is an answer to that – Triposo!

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The features:

This application just like many others of our generation is one which provides information about well, more information! It is an aggregator which uses a crawling functionality to scour websites like Google Maps, Wikipedia and Flickr. The coolest bit about the app is that you can download information about an entire country on your phone. It will then give you information about the place without an internet connection!

The application also prompts you and gives you recommendations on places to go. The technology built into it takes into account the weather, time of day and your present location. After noting all these it will suggest which places are the best to visit. For example: On a rainy day it would suggest a museum, but on a sunny day, a park where you could picnic. Triposo chooses destinations by using an algorithm whose main input is photographed. The more number of photographs, the more recent and which day determines the importance of the place.


The challenges:

With the already competitive tourism industry, Triposo is another application which has thrown its hat into the ring. The app has been developed by 2 ex-googlers and raised $3.5 Million in 2012. With Triposo being fully funded, it is a free offering. However, going forward, the developers will have to enact a revenue model. The strategies being talked about range from paid features to the app becoming paid to paying for certain cities in countries. Since Triposo crawls open websites and brings information to one interface, they face a language barrier problem. The application is only available in English at present, however, the developers are still trying to solve for that problem.



3 responses to “Triposo – Your very own Travel guide !”

  1. 418493jc says :

    This is a interesting topic. Since traveling become an important part of our lives, people would like to go traveling by their own instead of contacting the travel agency. However, the travel planning can be very troublesome. Triposo’s emergence satisfied the demand of planning conveniently.

    Actually, many APPs for the traveling information have already existed. But Triposo can take into account the weather, time of day and your present location and then make suggestion for you. I think this point is pretty interesting and user-friendly.

    When it comes to the profit model, I am thinking about that maybe Triposo can launch several special travel plans and only charge for the transportation and housing fee for users to make their traveling easier.

    Lastly, because it provide information goods, which is costly for the original one but easily to be copied, how to protect their precious information from other companies can be an important issue.

  2. superman says :

    Seems to be a very useful app ! will definitely use it on my next trip ! thanks for posting !

  3. 417856yw says :

    Nowadays, smart phones are indispensable while traveling, and we usually use smart phones for calling, internet surfing, and photo shooting during a trip. The functions are getting multiple now, with the Triposo app, you could rely on it even in the last minute. You can book a nearby hotel to stay, a restaurant to have meal, search the destinations for sights, and to learn the background information of the place in just a few minutes.It is indeed a handy app. And, I wouldn’t think there is a problem of profitability.

    I have tried Triposo in several cities in Europe, like Nice, Lyon, Turin, Geneva, Prague etc. Not only does it recommend spectacular tourist sites, but it also provide a platform where the backpackers in the city can chat and share with each other. And, even if your trip is well-planed and does not need any recommendation, the best part of Triposo is that it can serve as a great offline map and pin your location without internet connection.

    Nevertheless, Triposo is a mini city guidebook, other than introducing the origin of the sites, it provides with information such as entry fee, opening hours, and phone numbers. You can also reach some local phrases, currency exchanging rate, and some suggestions. Triposo could give almost everything you need on a trip, if you make the best use it, it’s like having a personal guide 24/7.

    Triposo is indeed a nice tool for customers because it’s free. With all these nice features, Triposo reached 5 million downloads last year. As Triposo has an enormous amount of users, there are lots of possibilities that Triposo can gain profit on it. The business model that based on ads are the main revenue for Triposo, for example, selling advertisements as Google Adwords. Since Triposo only got the “city walk” tour suggestion, I believe through cooperation with private-owned transportation company and the housing-renting information, Triposo could generate the benefits.

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