Windows 10 and how sometimes April fools jokes become real

By the time of this writing it’s been 2 hours since Microsoft announced their new product durring a press event in San Francisco. Everyone was expecting a demo and details about Windows 9. However, Microsoft decided to surpise the public with the announcement of Windows 10.

Yes, you read this right – 10! They decided to skip 9 and jump directly to 10.

Microsoft have stated more than once that they have teams working on the next Windows version even before the previous one is released. The point is to release new versions and upgrade the OS as fast as possible. Despite this, they decided to skip a whole version on which a dedicated team has been working for who knows how long and focus on the one after that. No one gives explanations why they did so but the 10th version is already being called “The best Windows yet”

In the live event when asked about the naming difference they answered:Windows10 Start Menu

Q: Can you talk about the name? Seems weird going from Windows 8 toWindows 10.
A: This product, when you see the product in your fullness I think you’ll agree with us that it’s a more appropriate name.

They even released a small introduction video showing some of the changes in the new OS. Windows 10 will reintroduce an enchanced version of the old start menu that we all loved before Windows 8 removed it. They are also distancing the product from the Metro style which was by and large optimised for Mobile devices. However, according to Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s executive VP of operating systems, the OS is designed to run on even more devices than the previous version.

I am sure in the following days and weeks we’ll get a tone of information about the new Windows. Meanwhile, I found this interesting article dating from 1st of April last year. The author, Pete Babb, jokes about Microsoft skipping a version of Windows and goind directly to 10. Is this a an inside information that no one saw comming or is it just a very lucky guess? 🙂

What do you, dear readers think? Is reintroducing old features going a step backwards or is it just a clever marketing strategy? Express your feelings in the comments below!

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5 responses to “Windows 10 and how sometimes April fools jokes become real”

  1. anahita172014 says :

    Having used Windows 8 and 8.1 which had the Metro style interface, I in fact welcome the change. I felt that Microsoft tried to force the “tiles” interface onto desktop users instead of making it a seamless experience. With the launch of Windows 10, I think they have decided to make it a “One Interface for all devices” which is definitely a much more cohesive message to consumers.

    However, Microsoft competes with its own Operating Systems and upgrading and asking users to move to another Windows release would definitely be a challenge. Marketing a new Windows release is always going to be a challenge as users share information and evaluate products extensively before going in for their next buy. That is why Vista failed terribly ! However, just as Apple has released Yosemite for the laptop, and iOS8 for iPad and iPhone, this new Microsoft move will definitely challenge the seamlessness that Apple has managed to built into its ecosystem of devices.

  2. Bozhidar Bahov, 420198 says :

    We have an updated information. According to some sources the reason to skip Windows 9 was a potential problem with a lot of software programes and code snippets. In more particularly, in the past a lot ot developers decided to check the version of the OS in a similar to this format:

    if(version.StartsWith(“Windows 9”))
    { /* 95 and 98 */
    } else {

    This was just the easies way to skip a lot potential bugs. 🙂

  3. 356887wp says :

    Interestingly, the president of Microsoft Indonesia said a couple of days ago that users who are currently using Windows 8 will be able to upgrade for free to Windows 10 (, so let us hope the best! In case anyone dares to, Microsoft made the Technical Preview version available for download (, which however is an early build and thus does not have all the functionality yet. From a gamer perspective, it will interesting to know whether Microsoft makes DX12 only available for Windows 10 (similar to what they did with Direct X10 and Windows Vista) or whether it will be backward compatible.

  4. 329275lw says :

    In my opinion Windows 10 will definitely be an improvement in comparison to the functionalities of Windows 8 because the focus of the operating systems shifts to a regular desktop user. This means that users with a mouse and keyboard do not have to use the touch-elements involuntary anymore. Besides that, Microsoft also added the possibility to display multiple desktops next to each other. This is a great solution for users who experience a shortage of space with a single computer screen. These new features result in several new hotkeys that could be very handy as well.

    Although I am a fan of Windows 10, I would like to warn you in case you are planning to download and use the free test version of the operating system (which is available since Wednesday). Most of the potential users will just download and install the test version of Windows 10 without carefully reading the general terms and conditions that they have to accept in order to make use of the system. Hardly anyone reads the general terms and conditions, but the terms and conditions of Windows 10 actually contain a very important piece of text.

    As can be seen in the general terms and conditions of the technical preview, Microsoft would like to gather much data and information. The text stated that the company is able to collect typed characters and use them for purposes such as improving auto-complete and spell check features. At the same time, voice input features, such as speech-to-text may be collected and used for purposes such as improving speech processing. Besides that, Microsoft is able to collect and save information about files that are opened by the user. Personal data like the name of the user, email address, preferences and interests are saved by Microsoft as well.

    In theory, the company could also collect user names and passwords in this way. It is still unknown if the general terms and conditions of the definitive Windows version will be the same. For more extensive information regarding the terms and conditions you could check:

  5. theklogg says :

    Whenever I hear a new version of Windows rolling out, I’m already searching the web as to how soon i can get my hands on it. I currently have an Acer W500, as i felt even though its a small tablet, it is Windows and with it i can conquer the world in a fashion that neither Android nor an iPad could deliver, and I was not wrong.
    When Win 8 was announced, I immediately downloaded the Technical Preview and worked my way with each new rollout till Win 8.1
    Moving from Win7 to win 8 was a big improvement, in terms of touch screen input. Win 8 was designed for touch screen tablets no less, but working on it on a desktop was nothing short of a wonderful experience. Similarly, the jump to Win 10 is equally gratifying. From the top of my bat, I would say that my battery life has increased drastically, and others would argue it is the less demanding need of Technical Preview versus a final version that delivers it. (They would not be wrong as the same did happen in my journey with Win 8)
    However, coming to the point of features with the Start button and the Charms menu, its a fine balance between old users of windows against the new users of windows. I’ve been with windows since the good old MS DOS day and Windows 3.1, courtesy of my Tech Savvy father. From which I can safely say with every new version, the first question everybody asks is where did that setting go? Under the hood of windows, nothing much changes to the knowledge of an average user. Just knowing where to find them buttons is lost but then quickly regained and the justification for UI changes either appeals to some or not (E.g Introduction of Ribbons in MS Office 2007)
    The problem MS is facing is that it tries to please everyone, and in doing so they might end up pleasing no one, as not one user is entirely satisfied with the way things are done. MS ought to be bolder in this front.

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