It is all about the money

No matter who you are, no matter where you are.

For a business analyst, student, father of a huge family, in North America, on business trip, on exchange, traveling or just in every-day life, you need to think about the budget and the mo
ney you have in your pocket.

Designed specially for making the financial aspect of your life easier – COINKEEPER will help you to manage all the inflows and outflows of your budget.

demo1What is a CoinKeeper

It is a popular mobile application (available for Apple and Android users) which helps you to record expenditures, manage personal finances, keep the budget.

What do you waste your money on? How to spend less? If you are interested in these questions – upload CoinKeeper – the easiest app which allows you to see comprehensive picture of your finance on one screen!

Why you should use a CoinKeeper:

❤  Innovative interface, which is easy in use even for beginners

❤  Allows to export your date into any device you would like to

❤  Full freedom of budgeting – you can choose yourself the budgeting period the most suitable for you – a week/ two weeks/ 4 weeks/ quarter/ year starting from any date

❤  Automatic calculation of your budget

❤  Availability of different currencies – you can set your spending in any currency and it will be converted automatically

❤  Adding expenditures takes 1 minute, due to different categories already existing in the app

❤  Expenditure icons have certain colors, what will notify you if you are close to over-spending

❤  Periodic reminders help you to restrict yourself in spending

❤ Setting of financial goals allow you to collect money wisely


It can be easily observed, that CoinKeeper is a breakthrough innovation in personal finance managing area.  Statistics say for itself, as more than 850 000 of downloading has been done since CoinKeeper’s appearance. It makes finance managing easier and more sophisticated as now you can set financial goals and implement a more sophisticated level of following your budget.

Another interesting aspect about this application is its natural global scale and applicability. Created by Russian entrepreneurs, the application is available in 7 languages in various countries of the world. It is one of the best examples of “born globals” phenomena in the business world. More and more in order to be successful you are advised to start on a international venture. And that is what CoinKeeper did.


If you are a person, who cares about your personal finance, CoinKeeper is a great application for you. Its value proposition: easiness in use, customization and broad range of functions will satisfy many segments of customers.

If you are an entrepreneur, you should take an example of CoinKeeper and to go ahead of the geographic borders in order to expand globally and to succeed more widely.


“I surely recommend this app to those, who search for unique budget advisor. ” —

“CoinKeeper is our most successful application, available in 7 languages, it helps people to easily structure their financial balances and to reach new financial goals faster. ” – Founder of CoinKeeper, D. Orlov

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One response to “It is all about the money”

  1. 347548kw says :

    Hi there,
    Interesting blog about CoinKeeper, I had not heard about it before. I wanted to highlight a case about an application similar to CoinKeeper, namely ‘TIM’ from the ING Bank. TIM stands for ‘Transacties Inzichtelijk Maken’, translated it would be something as ‘giving insight in transactions’.

    The application allows you to export all your transactions from your online banking account, immediately sorting them into various categories such as food, living expenses and travelling. These categories can be further subdivided in for example supermarkets and restaurants for the food category. Furthermore, budgets can be set per category, and the application will even send you a text message when you are close to crossing your budget. Moreover, TIM provides the opportunity compare your expenditures with other users of TIM or the national average.

    However, in July of this year, TIM was closed down. Although TIM had a great start, recently only few people were still using the application. The application seemed easy and effortless to use in the beginning, however it turned out that TIM was not as ‘intelligent’ as expected: it would not categorize all expenditures correctly. Of course this is understandable: a transaction made at a large department store such as V&D is hard to define, is this expenditure one for food, clothes or personal care? Furthermore, cash expenditures are not recorded. A later adjustment made it possible for users to categorize there expenditures themselves, however this significantly improved the effort needed for effective use of the application.

    Therefore, on the one hand I believe that CoinKeeper is a good alternative as one can enter all expenditures separately, making sure that they are grouped correctly. Also it provides an easy and quick overview as you mentioned. However, I do believe that the effort required to manually enter all your expenses day in and day out is quite high. This could be an issue for people, causing them not to use CoinKeeper in the long run. What is your opinion on this matter?


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