Twiage : the ‘Twitter’ designed for doctors to obtain the patient information on time

For emergency patients, every second is vital. Racing against time is every doctor’s duties.

YiDing Yu, from U.S. Boston, is not only a female doctor, but also a technical fan. She co-founded the Twiage, which  uses information technology to save seconds for emergency patients.

Imagine the following situation. There was a 3 cars’ accident on the Williamsburg Bridge. The EMT immediately rushed to the spot. They got in touch with the nearest hospital via wireless devices to arrange the treatments for the injured. However, the voice communications was not clear at all. The doctors in the hospital could not get the correct information from the EMT.

After installing the Twiage app on the phone, the EMT can quickly and easily send the real-time data to the emergency roomin forms of videos, pictures or text. These data usually describe the patients’ life conditions, which are really important, such as symptoms and physical signs data. In this way, doctors can log in the web and get to know the situation of the patients and make emergency preparations before the patient sending to the operating room.



Twiage is an enhanced version of the Short Message Service (EMS). It works simply and do not have the need for expensive equipment. But this simple app has already gained a lot of recognitions from hospitals and medical associations. What’s more, Twiage won 2013 Mass Medical IT Award, profiled by MEDTECH Boston. Currently, the busiest emergency room in Boston started the usage of Twiage, and it did improve aid efficiency.

Twiage also developed a Google glass version, which is really convenient when the EMT can not take photos by hand. It can convert and send the photo that the glass captured directly to the data that meets the American Medical Act (HIPPA) regulations.

Two female founders of Twiage, YiDing Yu and Crystal Law, both have a solid medical background. They believe the model of Twiage can be applied to those where the information needs to be conveyed immediately, such as the fire spot to ensure the numbers of firemen and fire engines that needs.

In my opinion, this app focuses on the niche market which has really made big change in the medical emergency industry. And its functions can be improved by combining the founders’ real experience with the market demands. Considering that IOS 8 has already added the health function to measure people’s daily situation,Twiage could refer to the daily data and come out with a comprehensive information to the emergency doctor. In the future, such an app may be an secure guard in the daily life.



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