Virtual reality becoming mainstream: Google Cardboard!

Every year during the Google I/O, the annual developer focused conference by Google in San Francisco, Google gives out items to the attendees. During this year conference Google didn’t gave out fancy products like tablets or phone but a piece of cardboard. This google cardboard entails a message which is way bigger than only a product, the message entails that virtual reality can be really simple and that it will become mainstream very soon.

The cardboard toolkit is a box that can be assembled in 10 minutes to a virtual reality kit. It gives an oculus rift like virtual reality viewer using only your android smartphone and the cardboard. Using the cardboard app, the screen of your android phone will be split so every eye can look at a different image. The innovative part from this product is that it uses all functions of the android such as the gyroscope to create the virtual reality view. In this way it becomes instantly interesting for everybody since no new hardware except the cardboard is required.

According to Google this Cardboard was built as part of the company 20% projects. These are project where employees of google can work along their normal tasks. Another features that will make this innovative idea bigger is the developer kit that google provides. With this toolkit developer can create their own virtual reality applications or adjust current applications to the use of the cardboard. This give a new dimension to virtual reality accessibility and content. Due to this innovation many developer can think of new ideas to bring life to the virtual reality movement.



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