Shipping in movement

A couple of weeks ago during the lecture, guest speaker Pieter Zwart told us about the shipping possibilities at his company Coolblue: if an order is placed before midnight, it will be delivered the next day, even if that is a sunday. It is even possible to pay for same day delivery.

Coolblue is not the only company with such high delivery standards. Amazon, for example, offers sellers to let ship their products by Amazon for free within two days, which is enabled by use of a huge, highly efficient warehouse. Ups offers the possibility to let customers track their (international) order in detail. It has different tools which show where the package is at the moment and a shift from place to place can even be visible within half an hour.

But what if you want to ship something easily and quickly and you are not part of a big company? You could sell your product through Amazon or just use a mail company such as UPS of course. However, you still need to put it in a box and bring the package to a post office or a shop.

Shyp solves that for you. You just need to download the app, take a picture of what you want to be shipped and fill in the address whereto it needs to be shipped. Within 20 minutes a so-called ‘Heroe’ picks it up, wraps it up and takes care of further steps of the shipment. You have pay a fee of $5.- up on the usual shipping cost and it is done.

With the recently raised $10M funding ($12.1M in total), Shyp wants to expand its business to New York City. I wonder if Shyp or a likewise company will succeed on a bigger scale. If it will, what would the next innovation with regards to shipment be?



One response to “Shipping in movement”

  1. anahita172014 says :

    This is interesting. I think the next things that Shyp could accommodate into its strategy and application are to ensure that the “Heroe” who ships the product is also rated, just like sellers on eBay have a rating. This would ensure the credibility of the person who is shipping. Also, there could be a bidding system in which the “Heroes” compete against each other to ship the product to the end consumer. This would lower shipping cost and hence, enlarge the consumer base for Shyp.

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