Wakie Wakie!

Do you have difficulties waking up in the morning? Do you hate the sound of your alarm clock at 7.00AM? Now there is an app which makes waking up much more fun! The Wakie app is a completely new experience of waking up in the morning. Although the app is currently not fully available in The Netherlands, it might come to this country in the near future. So what’s the Wakie app all about?

The Wakie app allows you to you set an alarm before you go to sleep, just like you normally do. The next morning though, you are not woken up by a terrible alarm sound, but you are woken up by someone calling you for exactly one minute. So let’s say you set your alarm at 7.00AM. than at that time in the morning, another user of the app sees that you want to wake up and calls you through the app. You than have a conversation with a complete stranger for exactly one minute, because after exactly one minute the conversation will be automatically disconnected. Of course you also have the opportunity to wake someone up yourself. You open the app, see who wants to wake up and start the conversation.

I think it’s is a new and fun app, but it is very important that creepy people do not enter the community in order to keep the app running successfully. So it is a must that there is a sort of rating system or so, so that these creepy people are banned from the community. At this point of time, the community of Wakie seems to be very friendly, but keeping this friendly community is difficult when this community is growing and growing. So I think this app is fun and has much potential, so who knows that within a period of time the whole world is using the app so everybody wakes up with a smile!

So what are your thoughts on this app? Any other positive or negative sides? Are you gonna use it when it’s coming to your country? Let me know!


One response to “Wakie Wakie!”

  1. cmdekeijzer says :

    Surprising that we need an application to wake-up and even more surprising to receive a phone call of a stranger at 7 in the morning. The start-of-workday mood, including waking up, is highly related to employees perception about customers (Rothbard and Wilk 2011). Whether it is a rooster crowing at dawn, the old fashioned buzz of your digital alarm clock, or even Wakie Wakie, people are having trouble leaving their “REM stadium”. One of the best alternatives is offered by Philips with their product, the wake-up light. The original idea came from the need for an artificial sunlight for those who are twenty-four-seven without daylight. In this case you have to think about people living close to arctic circle or working indoor all day. Philips created this light that gives their clients the necessary vitamins one would receive when being outside in the sunlight. Since many people, for example in the Netherlands, have hard times waking up in the winter because of the lack of daylight (sun rises around nine in December), Philips applied their technology to an alarm clock. Basically it the light gets brighter in a very gradual process, it takes about 30 minutes to get to its “full strength”. Customers experience this cycle as dawn, which enables them to wake up in a more “natural way”.
    With the example I would like to emphasize how people are continuous looking for new ways to wake up as comfortable as possible. The idea of Wakie Wakie rather exciting, have a minute conversation with a stranger, who you will never meet. However, I expect the misuse to become a rather big problem. You clarified the downside of “creepy people”, but did you also think about marketing agencies who could potential new clients in the morning to sell new products?


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