Liking everything

Facebook was already expanding its network by giving providers the ability to put the ‘like’ sign on their websites. When customers like the site they can immediately ‘like’ it on the site instead of a separate Facebook page of the company. With the latest update, app providers can implement this ‘like’ button in their apps making it possible for users to like the application immediately resulting in an instant message on the timeline of this user. When clicking on this like button, the user is redirected to  a mobile Facebook page to confirm the ‘like’.  This step prevents the user from liking pages on their public Facebook on accident.


With this possibility Facebook is expanding its network by giving users the opportunity to even like the applications they are currently using. This can be seen as a smart move of Facebook to go with the increasing use of mobile applications. Research pointed out that the use of applications for online shopping is increasing, opening a new market of e-commerce. This integration of social media was already happening, but only in sharing information on user’s  timeline from existing Facebook pages.  Facebook is in this way connecting itself to the new way of e-commerce which is increasing in popularity and use.  There is a disadvantage of this connection with Facebook. Users already feel like they’re losing control over what is posted on their timeline.  By also linking Facebook to the usage of applications on your mobile devices, users might develop a more negative view of Facebook. Feeling like everything they use and download will indirectly be linked to their Facebook. This can eventually lead to the rejection of the application connected with Facebook or even Facebook itself. Will this new integration of Facebook feel like an invasion of privacy or is it just a smart move to connect itself to the new and increasing e-commerce?

Vroegrijk, M. (2014) Like-button also in applications of third parties [Online] available at:


2 responses to “Liking everything”

  1. anahita172014 says :

    IMO, Integration of Facebook with 3rd party sites is a welcome move. Facebook has progressed from a meeting place for friends to a social website where you can gather information about deals, offers and apps that interest you. Facebook pages of a lot of companies now offer job opportunities and the latest deals. There are informal user surveys also done which helps companies launch better products.
    The interface of liking 3rd party apps through Facebook is still not a smooth experience, which is something Facebook should work on but definitely allow consumers to be connected with 3rd party websites.

  2. amyfransz says :

    I think Facebook is making a smart move to connect itself to the new and increasing e-commerce, specifically with the increasing use of mobile applications. People nowadays embrace the use of the smartphone in daily life, making mobile e-commerce more important. In addition to the fact that people love to share moments of their lives, what they do, what they think and, of course, what they like, makes the use of Facebook´s ´Like´ button ever important.

    Companies nowadays use this opportunity to combine the increase of mobile application usage and the ´like´button in their marketing strategy. One interesting video of such an example I found is from Diesel, where people can scan a QR code using a mobile application to directly ´Like´ an item in the Diesel store from their phone:

    Great combination of two trends!

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