Robocop in Dubai


A few weeks ago there was a blog post about the Google Glass and the possibilities of this technology. Most of the post was focused on the implementation of the glass in de health sector, especially surgery. Now Dubai has found a new sector to spend money on, policemen and detectives. Now Robocop is getting real, not something you only could experience in the movie theater. Dubai’s police department plans to distribute glasses to the local law enforcers.

All of this is part of the plan by making Dubai’s police force the smartest in world by 2018 (Reuters, 2014). The police department in Dubai wants to distribute the glasses to policeman and detectives with the Google glass customized facial recognition software running.

“The software that we developed internally enables us to connect a database of wanted people with the glass,” Dubai police’s director general, Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, told the Dubai-based news site 7DaysinDubai. “Once the glass recognizes the suspect based on a face print, it will give an alert to the officer wearing it.”

However, the rollout of the new technology appears to go slowly. Now, the four glasses headsets that are available in the Dubai police department are mostly being used to catch traffic offenders. Still, the police department in Dubai takes this technology and its ‘’smartest police force plans in 2018’’ plans seriously. Representatives from the police force plan to outline its plans at the GITEX Technology Week conference in Dubai on Oct. 12.

Last year Dubai announced it would supply its police with $400,000 Lamborghini sports cars for use at the most important tourist sites. Dubai’s police department chief said the vehicles were in keeping with the Dubai’s image. So the price of $1,500 for each new Google glass is not going to be a problem for the police department. But it’s doubtful if this Google glass implementation in the police department is pure functional, or more to improve Dubai’s image. Probably a little bit of both., 2014, 2014



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One response to “Robocop in Dubai”

  1. 419424ss says :

    On one hand, your post reminds us how Google glass can find millions of useful applications like this, and how it can really improve many aspects of our lives. But on the other hand, I concern about a matter that in my opinion does not take the attention that it deserves, and I am talking about privacy.

    Specifically, I am not referring to the privacy violation that happens when a wearer records someone’s actions without his permission, but I consider the issue from the side of Google. Undoubtedly, much of the user generated data is stored to Google’s data centers and undoubtedly this company is notorious about its abuse on users’ data.

    Google’s “extra eye on the pavement” may be proved the most “nutritious food” for its data analytics algorithms, considering that 21 million active Glasses are predicted until 2018 (Business Insider forecast). The way real life data can be used to pump useful information is a topic of both scientific and legal interest.

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