Wireless connection from laptop or mobile device to TV’s?


Mozilla’s Matchstick

Even companies like Google have difficulty with maintaining the lead in some of their product markets. The next product that started competing with Google’s Chromecast is Mozilla’s Matchstick. In just a few days the project already convinced 9,000 backers and pledged over $225,000 with still 27 days to go, while initial funding goal was set $100,000.

Both of these devices are streaming devices allowing you to connect your laptop, tablet or phone with your TV wirelessly. They use Wi-Fi to connect devices to a HDMI dongle attached to the TV, enabling streaming of music, video’s, documents and even games.

Why is Mozilla’s Matchstick so important?

The first reason is that the Matchstick is only $25 whereas the Chromecast is $35, which is almost 30% cheaper. How is Mozilla able to be this cheap? Especially considering Google’s economies of scale and their extensive knowledge of the competitors market and the customers.

The second reason is that Mozilla’s Matchstick will also enable a higher quality in streaming services such as Netflix, HBO Go and Pandora.

The third and most important reason is that it will be open source hardware and software. Mozilla is requesting developers from all over the world to share their ideas to maximize the usability. Therefore it doesn’t come with limitation that Google did set for their product.

Did Google let this happen?

The third point, mentioned above, is not only an important unique selling point, but it also points out that even companies such as Google make mistakes that will cause them to lose market share. Although the company had the first mover advantage they decided to make their software closed, meaning that streaming was only allowed on the application, which they found applicable. This is in contrary with the statements they made before the launch of Chromecast: ‘any content on any HD screen, anywhere, anytime’.

All of this is making me wonder if Google Chromecast’s team was just not on point, or is it nowadays not able to keep the market leaders position and satisfy a large customer segment?

What do you think?





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