Sony playstation TV VS Microsoft Xbox One

With all the years, the war between Sony and Microsoft never stop about the video game. And recently, both of two companies have lunched each new products in order to take over the market share in the gaming industry.

One product which is lunched by Sony is Playstation TV, “PlayStation TV offers access to some of PlayStation’s biggest and best titles, including great games on PS Vita, classics on PS One, blockbuster experiences on PS3 through PlayStation Now, and even PS4 games through Remote Play” told by Mary Taing, Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson. Moreover, PlayStation TV creates the in-house gaming ecosystem that it allows for streaming of games from a PlayStation device to a second screen in another room. On the other hand, not only can gamer  download the game to the PS TV, but also can insert directly using a PS Vita card; as well as many older PS One, PSP and PS3 games. Besides, remote play is added as a new feature to Playstation TV as well.


the other product is Xbox One which is developed by Microsoft. One biggest advantage is that it is not necessary to connect to  enjoy offline features of games except the first time that you need to set up the Xbox One in order to get the latest system before you play the games. The fact is that you can take the Xbox One anywhere and play any disc-based Xbox One game on it. Still, it remains the Xbox 36o’s feature that there are no limitations to using and sharing the game. And it is possible to purchase from Xbox Live and get instant access to playing. In addition, Xbox One made a big progress on voice command that if you want to turn off the Xbox One, you can simple say “Xbox, Turn Off” instead of going to shut it down.


To be honest, both of this two products show their powerful function to the gamers and try to attract consumers as many as they want. So based on the feature above, which one do you think would win the battle this time?




2 responses to “Sony playstation TV VS Microsoft Xbox One”

  1. rsmlaurens says :

    Interesting article, recently switched with my roommates from an Xbox 360 to a PS4. Besides the improvements in gameplay and reality it also wants to extend its functionalities, like the TV. They both want to compete with Apple TV of course but I think they have an advantage in becoming a multimedia device. Using a PS4 or Xbox One for all media in house sounds greats and can maybe once replace the subscription to television by cable companies but offers to little. To replace a television subscription they have to offer more television channels and on-demand functionalities. What they do offer and I really appreciate that is the link with Foxsports, a subscription is sufficient to watch all matches on the device regardless where you are. The application could be better and does not offer the quality I’m used to but it’s a good start. If they can add more application for more television channel and improve the quality they would have a good chance to become the multimedia deliverer they would like to be.

  2. 322232pp says :

    I think every man (and some women) are interested in the discussion whether the PS4 or Xbox One will fulfil the role as the ultimate game console. However the role of game console has been changed since the introduction of the PS3 and Xbox 360. These consoles were not only designed for gaming, but already offered more functionalities than playing games. The PS3 had the advantage of having a blue-ray player, however the Xbox will always have the benefit that they get the full support from Microsoft. Therefore it’s functions flawlessly with Windows Media Center, where you need an application to let the PS3 sync properly with the other devices in home.

    Two new consoles.. another discussion. XBOX 360 also plays Blue-ray discs now and can even function as a TV tuner with HDMI output without any other devices than the standard Xbox one package, where the PS4 does not implement this with the standard console of €399. Also the XBOX Kinect works with voice commands and will be updated in the near future with more options to make your console also a worthy media centre in your home. In the current situation I definitely think that XBOX one is the way to go. Sony should give the PS4 unique partnerships and functionalities to win or at least compete on the best all-round console with the Xbox One.

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