Next time you travel, workaway!

Whether you want to travel leisurely and just get to know another culture, take some time off but not feel completely lazy, or any other reason you want to travel for that matter, is a great site to check out! Workaway is a platform that connects travelers, that is volunteers, with hosts, providing  them a way to exchange (leisure) work and travel, all over the world.

Specifically, hosts, that can be either individuals, families or other groups, can offer accommodation and food to travelers, i.e. volunteers, i.e. workawayers, in exchange for a few hours of their day in helping the host with any work they need done at the moment. This can include a variety of tasks, from babysitting, to teaching their native language, fixing up a summer house, looking after a farm, or even working at the front desk of a hostel. The platform is supported by the sponsorship of the workawayers, the demand side users, who pay a fixed subscription fee in order to see the complete list of offers. Hosts, supply sde users, do not have to pay a subscription fee.

Both groups benefit in various ways from this exchange. Those travelling get to, well, travel and get to know a new culture. Seeing as the work demanded is usually not very time intensive, they are provided enough time to invest in their cultural experience. On the other hand you have the hosts who obviously benefit from getting their work done for almost free (except for the extra food and accommodation efforts). Both parties also get to know each other’s cultural backgrounds and exchange their languages and traditions.

If you have some time off and are looking for a way to grow culturally and have a fun, unforgettable experience, consider becoming a workawayer!

2 responses to “Next time you travel, workaway!”

  1. bartvanhout349547 says :

    I definitely think there is a market for this platform! Especially for backpacker with a low budget this is a great way to finance your trip. The success will depend on the typical network effect. Only with enough “jobs” and places to sleep on one hand and enough travelers on the other hand this website could become an success.

  2. lisavanwoensel says :

    This application sounds like an innovative way of connecting hosts and travellers. As Bart said before especially the market for backpackers sounds interesting! Besides the way to finance your trip you can get a lot of tips from the locals and that’s most of the time the specific thing you want as a backpacker, see all beautifull things in nature and cities that aren’t discovered by many others yet. To make this application to a success I would show this application on several travel blogs and sites, I guess the platform can grow instantly by using these other platforms and sites as a source.

    Besides, everyone is thinking about the building of their CV’s nowadays, and if you can put up there you travelled but also worked in the local culture or learned a language your travel experience gets a whole new purpose!

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