The bigger the better!

We already learned that bigger screens have a higher click-trough-rate (CTR), but data now shows that users also spend more time on applications when they have a larger screen. With Apple introducing a 5.5 inch iPhone and phablets becoming more popular, developers might want to focus more on applications for the big screened mobile devices.

A study by Localytics shows that people with a large screen spend 34% more time in applications than people with a small screen. Localytics based their study on more than 50 million Android and iPhone devices. As shown in the chart below, especially music and game applications show a big increase when having a screen bigger than 5 inch.


It is easy to understand why games show an increase. Most games require quick finger movements, which obviously is easier on a large screen. Graphics are also better on large screened phones. On the other hand,  the researchers were surprised by the increase in music applications.  They suggest that this increase might come from the possibility to share, comment and like music.

As said before, big screens are getting more and more popular. When searching for smart phones with a screen of 5 inch or larger I found 315 results (!) for android phones only. With Apple joining the large screen market, we might all be having a large screen in the near future. Ten million copies of the iPhone 6 (4,7 inch) and iPhone 6 plus (5,5 inch) were sold in the first weekend only. And after only two weeks, Forbes states that Apple may have sold over 21 million iPhone 6 already, from which 4 million are the iPhone plus; so roughly 20% chose for the large 5.5 inch screen. I personally think this number is huge.

Do you think that the size of a phablet or 5.5 inch phone is a problem, or that people will get used to the big screens?




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