Google, investing with evil purposes?

Google is established in 1996 and has become one of the world’s most dominant technology firms. They launched the Google search engine in 1997 and in 2014 around 67% of all internet users use Google.

In past years, Google participated in several markets and became more and more dominant in our daily life. For example YouTube which has 1 billion unique users a month. It’s connected to the advertisement system developed by Google which generates a lot of revenue. What about Android? Last year an estimate of 900 million devices run on Google’s Android. It’s hard to imagine a life without the products of Google.

These developments are rather harmless don’t you say. What’s wrong with some competition in the IT business? The fact that Google is operating in a lot markets could be far more frightening than you actually think.

In the last year, Google has been buying up advanced robotics and artificial intelligence companies. In order to survive, the company is investing in the future. The research and development of these companies go beyond the harmless Google Glass, or is it more than harmless?

Some robots are developed for military purposes. In fact, Google is making more robots for military purposes. Although there are not interested in being a military contract work, it’s frightening to imagine where this is going. Google is one of the most dominant companies in the world and stored all kinds of information of its users. We are somewhat dependent of Google. How will the future be in 30+ years with the developments of Google not just in products for consumers but also for military purposes?

I remain very skeptic, when do you need to set limitations for companies for the safety of the world or do you just need to let companies develop even though their purposes could be dangerous? Are their purposes for contributing to the well being of humans or Google working with something behind the scenes?


2 responses to “Google, investing with evil purposes?”

  1. 345088ma says :

    This is a very interesting article about Google, its products, and its services, and its future. I too do think about the future of certain companies as well. Google experienced extreme growth after the IT bubble of the late 90’s and introduced many new products and technologies. They, in a way, shaped the internet and how people use the internet and computers in general.

    The company introduced new technologies like you have mentioned in your article. But the company is also working on technologies you have not mentioned in your article such as software that make it possible to control a car without a human driver. The so called self driving car is one of the many projects of the company. In 2014 Google bought a company that produce smart thermostats making it possible to reduce energy waste for homes and business. The customer would be able to control the thermostat through the internet and can set the temperature 30 minutes before arriving. While the control panel could be connected to your smart phone, the system can turn off the heating when you are not connected anymore. In other words, when you have taken off. Therefore, you would never forget to turn off the heating and this could save you money in the long run. In a sense I agree with you. While these products may seem interesting and would make life a bit easier for people, I would like to raise the question of privacy. It could be far fetched to say that one day the company would become evil. But a more likely scenario would be that Google would exploit it power position even more. They could use this collected data to show even more relevant ads to its user to increase revenues. What would happen is indeed not known.

  2. 331597eb says :

    I found this an interesting article about Google. The discussion with Google is always about being evil or not being evil. As the corporate motto of Google says: Don’t be evil.

    As you state Google is a dominant company and a life without Google is for us almost impossible to imagine. In the discussion about if Google is evil usually the privacy issue comes up first. Google is collecting all kind of data of us and it just might be that Google has more knowledge about your life in their systems than you have in your own memory. In that discussion I could agree with the matter that the data collection of Google has gone a bit too far and we can discuss if Google is as harmless as they say they are.

    I like your article especially because it focuses on something completely different. However I do not believe that we have to worry about the robotic actions of Google. Google is known for experimenting with all kind of different technologies. They usually experiment first and then look if it has any business purpose. It is true that Google bought a lot of robot companies in the last years but these are by far not all for military purposes.
    Google itself does not want to explain the ‘master plan’ behind the acquisition of all these robot companies. If I may guess this is probably because of all the knowledge these firms have about robots.
    In the media we can read a lot of articles about robots that are going to take over our jobs. If this is the future, Google probably wants to be the company who can deliver all these job-replacing robots. So I guess we can all stay calm and we do not have to worry about Google conquering the world, it is probably just to replace our jobs, which is probably enough to worry about.

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