JP Morgan Chase and Co. Hack

Through the ages many things have been transferred to Internet based services. Nowadays we have the option to buy books, clothes and even everyday groceries online. Although many people are weary of the transportation of information to the Internet, even the banking industry has made their services available online. Currently many banks allow their clients to transfer money though mobile applications as well as just on the Internet. Even though this has often been shown to be very safe, there has been some troubling news.

This summer those worries have been supported as JP Morgan Chase & Co has been hacked, which has affected 76 million U.S. households and 7 million companies (Silver-Greenberg, Goldstein, & Perlroth, 2014). JP Morgan Chase & Co. is the largest bank in the United States with financial information on all their clients. However besides having their financial information other issues such as personal information is also in the client’s files. Therefore due to this cyber attack on JP Morgan, a big question is raised about whether it is safe to have all information online?

Even though many companies have taken very many precautions to create secure information systems, there is always some way for their information systems to be breached. Therefore the transgression from the physical to the Internet has been largely approachable for many companies, it is important to remain weary of hackers that have the ability to gather important information. Another excellent example of how information is very easily found and published would be WikiLeaks. This organization allows for hackers or other people to anonymously post journalistic but private information about governments. Some journalists have even stated that there is no such thing as privacy online because everything can be traceable. This is an interesting concept to remain weary of before transferring information from physical to online platforms.


Silver-Greenberg, J., Goldstein, M., & Perlroth, N. (2014, October 2). The New York TImes. Retrieved October 5, 2014, from JP Morgan Chase Hacking Affects 76 Million Households:


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