The new Bill Gates is Dutch

In this blog post I would like to recommend an amazing documentary I watched yesterday evening. It is about Puck. Puck is a 15-year old Dutch boy and already has eight years of coding experience. When he was seven, he started coding and became an IT wonder child. Big companies such as Microsoft are showing a big interest in him and he won several prizes, including the Apple Design Award for students and the Google Code-IN Grand Prize. He created apps that have been downloaded more than 300,000 times and gave a TedxYouth-Talk in Amsterdam three years ago.

However, for the law, Puck is still a child and has to follow obligatory education. Puck forgets his homework a significant amount of times because of his large interest in and skills of coding. 1848307Thedirector of the documentary, Tessa Boerman, came to know Puck when he was eleven and followed him with a camera eversince. The documentary gives us insight in Puck´s life, the extraordinary places he experiences, but also how society is working against him. Adults do not know how to interact with Puck. The government does not know how to stimulate Puck´s talent while he is still obligatory to go to high school (where he is bored and does not do his work).

Boerman explains that society should not worry about IT wizzkids. However, in today´s world a kid can teach itself totally on his own. Its playground is therefore unknowingly big. Puck babbled so bad until his third birthday that only his parents could understand him. Puck´s parents live by the motto: ´If it ain´t broke, don´t fix it´. They have to hit the brakes for Puck, because he can work on his applications endlessly. His parents have accepted his willfulness, but for other adults this is more difficult. When Puck was younger, it was cute that he was so smart, but now the he is older people find him annoying and get uncomfortable around him.

If you are interested in watching this documentary, you can go here (it is in Dutch however).



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