Today Facebook launched its Audience Network

In May, Facebook already announced that they would come up with their own advertising network. Today, Facebook launched its new mobile advertising network called Facebook Audience Network. The application enables app developers to make money without having to sell their own advertisement, do their own targeting, handle measurement or route payments. Audience Network enables developers to integrate a tiny bit of code to run Audience Network in banned ads, or they can work directly with Facebook to create native ad units that feel like a natural part of their use experience.

With this service, Facebook started to compete directly with Apple, Google and Yahoo, who also have their own mobile advertising platform, as well as other smaller ad networks that sell the ad inventory in publisher’s apps on their behalf. Facebook hopes app publishers and advertisers will see Audience Network as superior to other networks as it already has a list of 1.5 million active advertisers on its books and has a wealth of data about a user’s likes, dislikes, location and so on from their social networking habits.

How does it work?
Advertisers have to select an extra option if they want to show their advertisement also in other apps. Facebook is promising their advertisers the same targeting method as on Facebook, but it is still not clear if Facebook also uses the information gathered from Facebook-accounts for its new service. Thanks to the unique identifiers of Android and iOS phones, the company is capable of doing this, although it is easy to block this function on an iOs device. Advertisers will be able to serve app install ads, traditional mobile banners, and interstitial creative formats in Facebook’s new network. They will also be able to target Facebook users via Custom Audiences, Core Audiences, and Look-Alike Audiences.

I think this new service further bridges the gaps between channels, and moves Facebook beyond ‘social’ as a mobile advertising leader. It is a big move for Facebook because they are moving outside of its walls and they will be able to make more money and at the same time show fewer ads in the newsfeed on their own website. What do you think of Facebook Audience Network?


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One response to “Today Facebook launched its Audience Network”

  1. 355223mc says :

    To start with, i believe Facebook Audience Network is a great service! It is for both the target and the advertiser better to specialize the ads as much as possible. A little more competition in the advertising field is good as well because it drives companies to only show the ads which the users want to see.

    However I think there is something to say about. All users will be exposed to more ads because they will also appear in third party apps. I don’t think that Facebook will show less ads on their newsfeed but that they will try to optimize both advertising services. Therefore services like Facebook Audience Network might cause users to become resistant to ads. They will use the information to compare products but will in the end choose the product which is cheapest or best performing in its category (like we discussed in a previous lecture). That might cause the total earnings of the advertising industry to decrease, which works kind of self destructive.

    Just some thoughts, what do you think?

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