Building websites, why bother?

Building websites, why bother?

You know how to use WordPress? Or maybe Drupal or Joomla? So you know how to make websites? That’s great! But why would you put effort in making a website, when websites can make themselves? There is no need to design anything, let artificial intelligence do the work for you!

“The Grid”. It sounds like a promising new innovation and almost too good to be true. What are the advantages and what are the pitfalls?

Basically speaking, The Grid is a tool, powered by artificial intelligence, that builds websites. It uses minor input from the user to create custom websites that adapt to the content and purpose provided. The purpose of a website, for instance, could be to increase sales. So you choose this option and add some photo’s or text and voila, your website is served and ready to be used.

Obviously, this would save a lot of time and effort, enabling the user to focus more on what they would like to share on their website and let the website adapt itself to it. Also, the usability is remarkable, letting you change the functions and layout of your website with the click of a mouse or from a tablet or smartphone. If you want to add e-commerce to your website, just add products and the shopping basket appears. The Grid is not just about artificial intelligence, but also about excellent usability.

It is hard to point out the pitfalls, since the product is still in development. Not all of the features are fully explained yet, leaving question marks on how all the features work.

But it is not hard to predict that many users want to have a higher influence on what is shown on their website and they also have more specific requirements. It’s highly unlikely that these users are going to be satisfied with an automatically produced website.

Still, only after the product has been made publicly available, we can really tell if the product is going to be capable of living up to its expectations. In the meantime, the big Content Management Systems are crossing their fingers, hoping that The Grid actually is too good to be true.




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2 responses to “Building websites, why bother?”

  1. 360727mv says :

    I have learned to read HTML a couple years ago by the means of Codeacedamy, Threehouse and stuff like that, with the (‘bonus’) result that I can code a little bit myself. My coding skills are by far not good enough to build a full modern website, because my interest is in conceiving and designing applications/websites, not building them. But since then I realize how much time it takes to complete a website, including design, by coding it all by yourself without using templates, not even talked about the hours spent learning this.

    For a moment I thought to fully focus on learning how to code. Then I realized that coding is a bit ‘old-school’. I could not understand that building a website is like building a house, brick by brick, over and over again. It is software, just 0’s and 1’s. I questioned myself, why is it not like: just designing like Photoshop, adding options for each textbox, form, image, etc., and done. Make what ever you want, whether it is interactive or not.

    A lot of programs have tried/are trying; Dreamweaver, WordPress, Wix and so an. But you cannot internalize it totally. Unless you dive into the HTML, you will see something like a template back in the design. It does not mean that you cannot get stunning results. You can! With much(!) less time. But if you really want to make something new.. No, you still have to code.

    Unfortunately, you have to pay for “the grid” in order to test with the program. But it sounds to me like building a website by using Facebook its “Graphsearch” within html-template information, am i right? It maybe will make building WordPress-like websites accessible for everyone. Is that a threat for web designers? In my opinion; yes! But only for web designers who make simple business sites with WordPress templates for example, without coding a word.

    Coding is still the magic word, I think. But Xcode and Swift of Apple are maybe a real threat to web-builders. It makes it much more interactive, fun and easy to make something real new, they said. Do you have any experience with apple’s coding programs?

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