“Coffice” and how Cisco Systems saved $277 million in 1 year

Yes, you read that right – $277 million saved in 1 year. How? Bear with me! 🙂

I guess you never heard of the term “Coffice” but I bet you’ve seen people working from cafeehouses, restaurants and even bars. This is what the term means – it comes from the combination of “café” and ‘office’. I guess most of you think of people working from such places as weirdos. Well this is how more and more companies in the world are saving money and keeping their employees happier.

A decade ago, working from the local shop was typical only for book writers who wanted to change the atmosphere from their home desk or were caught by inspiration in the specific moment. However, in the recent years  working from a “coffice” is getting increasingly popular. Now not only jurnalist, bloggers, software developers and many more prefer the corwded environment of a café but also business people like analysts, cosultants and managers. There is even a website where one can reserve coffice space for business meetings. Another website shows all the available coffices (with internet, power sockets and comfortable atmosphere) near you.

A natural question arises – why so many people prefer to work from a crowded cofeehouse instead of of a traditional office? According to some scientists, not too loud noise (white noise) can increase concentration and productivity. Some people believe in this so much that they use tools like Coffivity which can provide cofé like noises for those who cannot work from their regular coffice.

Many companies are starting to think about this and we can already see the results. The biggets example is Cisco Systems which, according to their official annoucnement, saved $277 million just by encouraging their employees to work outside of the traditional office. The savings come from office equipment, electricity, etc. They even reduced the CO2 emissions by eliminating the need to drive to work. The whole thing resulted not only in exponential reduction in costs but also in 80% increase in employee satisfaction.

For more details about working remotely you can read this little e-book.


Image Photograph: Xuesong Liao/FlickrVision (http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/About/General/2014/1/3/1388768073205/Working-in-the-coffice-014.jpg)



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